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Top must-buy products from Chanel

by Raspreet kaur
Chanel products

The fashion brand Chanel was founded by Gabriel Coco Chanel in Paris, France, back in 1910, and ever since then, the brand has expanded its horizon to other sectors of the fashion industry. Today Chanel is one the top luxurious brand for fragrance, makeup, skincare, jewelry, watches, and sunglasses. Every year this iconic brand releases its much-anticipated couture at the Paris fashion week that often are favorites among celebrities. It is no secret that every famous personality uses Chanel products in their daily life to give them stunning looks. Well, since we can’t buy them all, here are the best products to buy from Chanel to rebuild your makeup collection.

The Chanel No5 EAU DE PARFUM

From Blair Waldorf of gossip girl to every chic woman in the industry, this Chanel perfume is one of the best products to buy from the range of Chanel beauty products. It is one of the top-sellers from the brand and was created by Ernest Beaux for Coco Chanel back in the year 1921. Launched in three different concentrations, the product remains a classic Chanel perfume over the years. Moreover, the mesmerizing scent of floral aldehydes from jasmine and may rose combined with summer citrus notes is addictive. 

Rogue Allure: Chanel in red

A red lipstick is every woman’s essential and favorite product in her makeup. Red lipstick is go-to for any and every occasion. Red lipstick can instantly brighten up one’s face. This red color called ‘rogue allure’ from Chanel beauty is one of the best products anyone can buy from this brand. The color is the perfect mix of sophistication and wildness that attracts the immediate attention of the onlookers. It gives an individual a bold, sharp, and defined look.

Chanel’s sculpting multi-use glow stick

This creative brand has figured out the way to concise your lip, skin, and eye essentials into one single product called the Baume essential. Chanel products are known to give you a classy yet glamorous look, and this product matches those expectations. This Chanel beauty product also comes in two different shades called golden light and transparent. Furthermore, you can apply this product to your lips, eye, and face for hydrating dewy look and shine. It instantly highlights your complexion and gives your face a sculpted look.

Le Volume De Chanel Mascara

Mascara is the secret guide of every girl’s no-makeup makeup look. It makes your eyelashes look thick and voluminous. Channel products are usually expensive but this mascara is affordable and a good way to start your luxurious brand makeup collection. One of the best products in the mascara category, it will give your eyes the defined look it needs with just one quick swipe. It comes in two shades- noir (black) and blue night. Moreover, it is waterproof and instantly curls your eyelashes to give it volume and make it look longer. 

Hydra Beauty Micro Serum

This product by Chanel is another treat for skincare enthusiasts looking for hydrating serums for their dry skins. Made with highly moisturizing ingredients, this product is surely one of the must-have Chanel products. This serum gives the user a plumping effect on her skin and replenishes the nutrients needed for skin repair. Rated as one of the best products by skincare influencers, this hydrating serum is an incredible way to upgrade your skincare routine. Use it twice- once in the morning and once at night on cleansed face and neck for best results.

Although the list of must-have best products from Chanel ends here, other Chanel products are worth buying. Nonetheless, this list is a good way to start exploring beauty brands like Chanel. Comment your favorite Chanel beauty products below! 

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