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Top 5 Animal Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands

by Raspreet kaur

Our lifestyle has a significant impact on our environment than we realize. From the meal we eat, to the makeup we wear- we are constantly faced with a choice of choosing between causing harm to the environment or protecting it. We, as individuals, can make simple choices that will invariably alter our surroundings. A good start would be to switch our makeup beauty products to animal cruelty free brands. Any beauty products that are labeled cruelty-free means that neither do they harm, kill, or test their cosmetic products on animals, nor do they finance such operations. Awareness about unethical practices like killing and torturing animals by numerous popular beauty brands is rapidly growing, and this urges people to boycott brands like Sephora makeup products. Here is a list of top 5 cruelty-free brands that you can shop from to be a part of the change.

NYX Professional Makeup

NYX domestic are PETA certified and have remained animal cruelty free from the beginning. L’Orèal bought this beauty brand in the year 2014, another leading beauty company, which is known for its unethical practices of testing its products on animals. However, after meticulous research and testing, it was verified that the brand remained true to its values and morals during and after the transition. The beauty label has furthermore started offering a variety of vegan makeup products to expand its consumer base. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills

This famous brand was primarily launched by Anastasia Soare and is a landmark cosmetics brand in the fashion and beauty industry. It is known for introducing and perfecting the art of brow shaping. This brand is quite known for its diverse and vibrant eye makeup products. It is certified to be animal cruelty free as they do no test their products or ingredients on animals. Furthermore, they ensure that their suppliers and other third parties involved do not test their products on animals too. Their products are not sold in China- where it is required by law to test cosmetic products on animals. They also offer Vegan makeup and Vegan makeup application products like makeup brushes made from synthetic bristles. 

Colorpop Cosmetics

This Los Angeles based beauty brand was founded by siblings John and Laura Nelson. This brand gained a lot of attention from millennials due to its attractive prices and creative collaborations with pop-culture idols like Becky G and Isabelle Fuhrman. The brand has time and again expressed its passion for animals and maintained all its products animal cruelty free. Their products are not sold in China, and its parent company Seed Beauty is also certified to be cruelty-free.

Kylie Cosmetics

This prominent beauty brand is founded by Kylie Jenner- a famous personality and a passionate businesswoman. This brand initially only sold its iconic lip kits, which gained a lot of positive reviews and saw increased sales. Thus, paved the way to a multimillion makeup brand that it is today. This company is a role model for labels like Sephora makeup to turn into animal cruelty free brand. Not all products of Kylie Cosmetics are vegan, but there are few vegan options available on their official website.

The Body Shop

It is a UK based skincare and fragrance animal cruelty free brand with stores all over the world. It strives to be one of the most sustainable and ethical business corporations. Furthermore, it is the first major global beauty label to speak up against animal cruelty and has, ever since, made continuous efforts to eradicate animal cruelty from the beauty industry. It has recently launched a petition called ‘Forever against Animal Testing’ that has crossed over 8 million signatures, which is enough to gain attention from the UN to take measures to ban animal testing.

There are many more animal cruelty free beauty brands and products available in the market that go through a strict background check and facts verification before they are labeled as cruelty-free. Aesop is another upcoming cruelty-free brand, read its product review here.

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