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Tips For Short Hairstyles

by Kritika Kanodia

Styling short hair can be quite challenging if you do know how to go about it. Though I have now grown out my hair, I would waste so much time earlier, deciding how to keep my hair that day. But that’s precisely why I do not want you to struggle anymore. With the following easy styles for short hair, you can get ready in an instant. Remember, short hair is a boon you miss when you have long hair, but would still burst into tears if the stylist cut it too short.


Make your hairband collection.

If you have short hair, hairbands must be your BFF. You can find cute headbands across stores. So, no matter what your budget is, there is always something for you in-store. Since you have short hair, hairbands will firstly keep them out of your face, and secondly, collect the tresses behind your ears, to give a leaner look. If you are wondering how to style pixie hair, this is it! While you can keep the plain ones for casual wear, it is a great idea to set aside the bling and printed ones for occasions. Personally, I love the hair accessories collection at Claire’s.

Make your hairband collection

Side twists can work wonders!

Another excellent styling tip for short hair is side twists. Now, there are multiple ways in which you can do this. You can either start by taking small sections of your hair from the front and pin them back or make twisted braids. However, you should do this only with the front parts. Do not tie the rest of the hair! To add a personal touch to it, feel free to invest in cute little beads that you only need to clip. Moreover, it is entirely inexpensive, and you can find it online at Amazon

Your hair partition is the game-changer.

You must part your hair wisely. You have three options- middle, right, and left. Each of these can transform your face and the overall look. While the middle partition is more suited for a formal event, the side partitions look gorgeous on special occasions and gatherings. Sticking to the same look can get boring. Thus, you must own a curling iron to give your hair the ceremonial beach waves. That’s how you keep short hair down!

Let it loose.

Last but not least, let your hair loose. I repeat, do not tie it. Tie short hair can make your face look chubbier because the pony pushes your features. Straighten your hair with a hair iron and sweep it to one side. Pinup the swept side and let it flow free from the other side. It looks stunning and remarkably sensuous. Make a list of these chic short hairstyles!

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Vogue short haircuts can be quite trendy. But, the secret lies in how you carry yourself. While styling is vital, haircare plays an equally important role. No matter long hair or short, we expose it to massive pollution and dust daily. Your hair needs proper nourishment and nutrients. Thus, you must maintain a diet that includes hair-boosting fruits and vegetables. 

Some natural home remedies to care for short hair include using green tea, onion juice, coconut oil, milk, bananas, honey, and likewise. However, that’s an entirely different topic, and it’s time to sign off for now. See you on the other side. 

Be their goals!

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