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Temporary tattoos to match your outfits

by Surbhi gupta
Best of Tattoo art

If Deepika Padukone has taught us one thing, it is that tattoos should be temporary! With that being said, why not pick trending tattoo designs that match your fashion style? I’ve compiled a list of temporary body tattoos that will look bomb with your latest outfit ideas.

Wrist Watch

I have inked this on my hand so many times in high school that I lost count. A sweet wrist watch tattoo is best for summer fashion, you can forget your watch, and it won’t even matter! A colorful tattoo or black and white, both will look equally sassy and smart. 

The rainbow people

Your latest outfit ideas are a color palette, and what is better than a rainbow to display your cheery, happy go lucky self. While you’re at it, you might also ink a Rainbow to show your support for the PRIDE community. Rainbows not only showcase positivity but the myriad of colors bring out all kinds of emotions. It really is a well-thought temporary tattoo.

Floral Bouquet

This summer fashion calls for flowers on the body than in the vase. Flowers are the most tattooed things, from roses to lilies, even buds. They can be tiny or in a big beautiful bouquet. Roses might be a cliche, I say get a garden of all kinds of flowers who cares? Gonna look pretty anyway!

Cute Idols  

For people looking for figurines of celebs, gods, and other idols, go for a twist and find such artsy and comic-like temporary body tattoos. These definitely go with all the outfits you plan on rocking. Fan-arts and doodles are in trend I hear, so what are you waiting for?

Ice Cream Cones

Summer fashion screams ice cream like my stomach. Satiate your hunger with a real one! Cones are very in style, get them on your face, or forearm. But too much cream might not work for your summer body, fret not, you can have one forever nonetheless. Get as many scoops and sticks tattooed as you like!

Up Your Sleeves

This is definitely a trick up your sleeve. We’ve all seen many celebrities with full sleeve tattoos and God do they look hot! Get one for yourself too, find amazing patterns to cover your arm. You can get full-blown images or different small tattoos to complete your fashion style.

The One For The Kids

Get a customized tattoo for your kids when visiting a new crowded place. Get their name, your number, or other contact info printed in case they’re lost. They will be much easier to find, and it will be much easier to remove the tattoo later! Genius summer fashion, right?

 Pet Lovers

You might’ve stepped on your dog’s paw, and we don’t know how, but getting your pet’s face tattoed is good redemption. Pet stickers are the top trending temporary body tattoo designs. You might wanna get one just to fulfill the pet urge your parents aren’t letting you fulfill.

Beach Wear

I know you were thinking of summer fashion, and not the one with temporary body tattoo for bikini wear? Here you go, girls! Get it on your pelvic, or under your breast bone, either way, it’s going to look legendary! And you might be meeting Barney for a swim in the suit with that legen-wait for it- dary tattoo! Wuhuu.

As much as you’re going to love these fashion style tattoos, your parents are gonna love the fact that they will be washed out in the shower tomorrow. So just go get em!

Be their goals!


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