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Sabrina Carpenter’s Top SkinCare Tips

by Nandini Daga

Sabrina Carpenter literally looks like “what if dolls had a life”. She looks absolutely dreamy. This American singer and actress is gorgeous even without trying it. When you look at her, you really want to know the secret of her beauty? How does she glow all the time? What is her skincare routine and what are the products that she swears by? Too many questions and they all have been answered. Continue reading this article to know about Sabrina Carpenter’s top tips that help her attain that naturally glowing skin.

Exfoliation is the Key

If you didn’t know already, exfoliating your skin is one of the most important steps that every one should include in their beauty routine. It helps the skin to get rid of all the dirt and dullness and makes the skin feel more alive. Sabrina likes to use an exfoliant peel before going to bed. She keeps it on for approximately 7 minutes. It makes her skin feel fresh and “sane” as she would say. She swears by the Triple Berry Smoothing Peel by Renee Rouleau and uses it every single day in her skincare routine.

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Cleanse and Clear

Your skin goes through a lot on a daily basis. Just washing your face is not enough. It will not remove all the excess amount of oil and dirt from your face. A nice cleanser is important. According to Sabrina, this is one of her favourite steps. A cleanser helps to clean your skin and removes all the dirt and dead skin from the face that was accumulated throughout the day. Gently use a cleanser all over your face and rinse it well with water. Your skin will instantly feel healthier and much better looking. A cleaner is literally magic that comes in a bottle. The cleanser that Sabrina uses and highly recommends is from Renee Rouleau, and it is called the Moisture Protecting Cleanser. Her stunning skin is the proof of how well this cleanser works. 

Sunscreen to fight the Sun

Another thing that Sabrina makes sure to always include in her Skincare routine is a sunscreen. Sunscreen is a must-have beauty product for everyone. A good sunscreen helps your skin to fight from UV rays that are harmful for your skin. It hydrates your skin and also helps prevent blotchiness. A good SPF also helps in preventing tanning and sunburns. No wonder it is Sabrina’s no 1 tip. Always use sunscreen. Her favourite SPF is the Weightless Protection SPF 30 from Renne Rouleau and she carries it in her bag everyday. This is another reason why her skin always feels healthy and protected. 

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Mask It Up

Pampering your skin is extremely important. Since we torture our skin constantly by lathering makeup, going out, etc. It is natural for the skin to breakout and lose all its dullness. This is where a facemask comes in the frame. Sabrina loves a good facemask as it relaxes her skin and makes it breathe. She is a big fan of sheet masks and loves carrying them to airplanes where she puts on a sheet mask and relaxes. She advises to keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes and then massage all the remaining serum into the skin. This makes a huge difference as the skin instantly feels soft and dewy or “like a newborn baby”. The mask that she loves to use and swears by is the Dr Jart Vital Hydra Solution. It is a definite beauty mask in her amazing skincare routine. 

Eye Screams for Eye Cream

Eye Creams are a very important skincare product that everyone should include in their everyday beauty schedule. A product as simple as an eye cream has miraculous effects. It helps get rid of the dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Apart from doing the usual it also lifts your eyes and helps in getting rid of wrinkles. The skin beneath your eye is extremely sensitive and hence it is important to be gentle and tender while using an eye cream. The eye cream that Sabrina loves is the Algenist Complete Eye Removable Balm. This is probably the reason Sabrina literally has no eye bangs. 

Lips Need Some Hydration Too

Since most people wear lipstick on a daily, lip balm is extremely essential. It is not a skincare product, it is literally a need. No one likes chapped lips, it is gross. Lips need some moisture and hydration and this is where a lip balm comes in the picture. A lip balm is one of the most important beauty essentials that one needs to carry everywhere. A lip balm protects your lips from getting chapped and keeps that soft and moisturized. Sabrina is no different, she loves using lip balm every single day without fail and her favourite one is from Glossier. It is called the Birthday Bomb Dot Com. Her lips look so full and soft every time and this is it’s secret. Also it smells divine, so a definite win-win.

This was the list of top tips that Sabrina Carpenter’s follows in her daily skincare routine. The girl is gorgeous without any flaws and now we know some of the secrets behind her beauty. She surely has some favorite products that she likes to stick by. Tell us which was your favorite tip and product from the list and also tell us what you would like to read next in the comments section below.


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