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Natural face masks to fight acne

by Kritika Kanodia

Natural face masks to fight acne

Experiencing sudden breakouts right before a big event is not something we are new to. But, have you thought of using natural face masks made at home to fight acne? While cosmetic products can be quite expensive, these natural face masks are quite affordable, have the least possible side effects, and guarantee your glowing skin at home. Continue reading ahead to find out some of the top natural DIY face masks today. Note that I have personally tried all of these, and the results have been noteworthy enough to inspire me for an entire blog. 

Keep it up with the Indian turmeric.

Indian skin is recognized across the globe as one of the most well-looked after skins. But did you know that the secret to their beauty is turmeric? Yes, you read that right. Right from the days of early skincare, turmeric has been combined with other natural face mask products such as honey, milk, coconut oil, and ghee. Create your own natural face mask at home with half a teaspoon of turmeric and one tablespoon honey. Remember not to use too much turmeric as it tends to stain your skin. Keep it on for around ten to fifteen minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. 

Rosewater is not only for the Royals!

Rosewater is another secret ingredient that several ladies use in their homemade natural face masks to fight acne. The most significant advantage of using rosewater is that it gives you a natural glow and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day. All you need to do is dab a few drops on cotton and pat it on your face. To make a rosewater natural face mask at home, you can mix a few drops with your fuller’s earth clay facemask. Keep it on for around fifteen to twenty minutes, till the mask becomes dry and flaky. Then, wash off with lukewarm water and remember to moisturize. 

Have you forgotten the homegrown aloe vera plant?

Aloe vera gel is perhaps another familiar name that you must have heard in all top natural face masks to fight acne. Since it is a naturally calming ingredient, it helps to relieve itchiness and redness caused by acne. To make a DIY face mask at home, you must mix some aloe vera gel with another natural skin care product- curd, green tea, turmeric. It can be a major gamechanger to help you get rid of oily skin and control your breakouts. 

Coffee is more than a beverage.

Last but not least, coffee is another excellent natural face mask product that you can readily find in your kitchen. While it has often helped us to stay up during tedious work hours, a coffee face mask can help you exfoliate your skin, moisturize it, and fight acne. To make one of the best coffee natural face masks at home, you need to mix two spoons of coffee with honey or sugar. Add a few drops of coconut oil and mix it properly to create a face mask. Then, apply evenly on your face and scrub gently. It is an excellent exfoliator that removes dirt from your pores. 

These are some of the best natural face masks to fight acne that I have understood from my grandmother over the years. She has been a role model to me for skincare because even at the age of eighty-two, her face glows, and she personifies radiance. You can read more about home remedies for clear skin and my Krave beauty products review. Keep looking beautiful and feeling young at heart! 

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