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Must-have bathing suits for this summer

by Raspreet kaur
Bathing Suits

Summer is finally here, and it marks the return of some gorgeous trending style bathing suits. Although you might not be able to go down the beach and swim in the ocean- do not let that stop you from creating a summer style wardrobe list for when it is safe to shop. Swimsuits are an essential item for summer, and one must find a suitable swimsuit for her body type and shape. Lucky for you, many brands produce a diverse range of designer women’s bathing suits to fit your needs.

Beach bum tankinis

Tankinis are the new trend in the summer style bathing suit collection, and it is a must have. Unlike the two-piece bikinis, these are similar to bodysuits and come in various designs. The side cut tankini makes it look like a bikini, but it is a one-piece. Furthermore, this makes a perfect beachwear or poolside clothing for your luxurious vacations. You can style it with a pair of denim jeans or skirts to wear the tankini as part of your regular clothing.

Itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini

Polka dots in any fashion clothing can never be old. Polka dots are cute and give you vintage summer style vibes. They look great on Women’s bathing suits too, and thus, it is a must have in your shopping list. Polka dot swimsuits in colors like red, yellow, black, and pink are popularly worn and considered as summer colors. You can style this polka dot bikini with accessories like pearl studded earrings and black tinted sunglasses

Bathing suits with belts

Belts are an essential accessory item in your wardrobe. They can be styled with any outfit for winter, spring, autumn, and summer to make it look trendy. They can give you a polished look and hence, the same trend is followed in summer style bathing suits. The bikini bottoms come with attached belts that give your swimsuit an edgy look. You can also wear the belt styling tip with tankinis, and other types of must have bathing suits to make them look trendy and accessorized. Click here for some designer handbags to match your beach day outfit.

Cropped sleeved bikini tops

Although skimpy and single straps bikinis are still in trend and are favorite of many, this new trend has made it easy for people who want to cover more skin. You can wear high-neck and sleeved crop tops with any bikini bottom of choice, and it looks gorgeous. It is comfortable and convenient to wear. A new trend of summer style bathing suits which is popular among a considerable number of people already, this trend is here to stay. Many websites like Cupshe bathing suits and Rotita swimsuits sell a diverse range of these must have bikini tops. The sleeves of these bikini tops can be altered to your choice. They come in frills, sheer, and other clothing materials to diversify your options.

Floral prints for swimsuits

You probably should have seen this coming- Floral trend is an all-time classic. Summer is not complete without wearing several floral prints outfits. From floral dresses, crop tops, and now to floral swimsuits too, your summer style lookbook is finally complete. Along with floral prints, many bikinis, and tankinis with palm trees or leaf prints are also widely popular among teens and adults. They look aesthetic and are a must have essential item for all tour beach vacations this summer.

Add these must have summer style to your shopping list today, and surf through websites like Cupshe bathing suits and Rotita swimsuits for more Women’s bathing suits options.

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