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KKW Beauty Product Review

by Rishika Dey
KKW Beauty

Kim was one of the first few people in the industry to introduce contouring and plump lips. Trends that were unheard of earlier. The KKW beauty line was launched in 2017. Many of these skincare products are used by the Kardashian Jenner family and their friends as well. This only goes on to show how this product is popular not just among the masses, but among celebrities as well. Here are some products to go along with that ootd

KKW Beauty Contouring and highlighting products

The queen of contouring has a great collection of contouring and highlighting palettes to suit your ootd. You can choose from a set of crème highlighting and contouring sets or powder based contouring and highlighting palettes. We love how the application brush is rounded and has a firm sponge for setting the powder on the skin surface. The other end has a soft and flat brush that can be used to brush away loose particles.

This KKW Beauty line also has a famous set of blush palettes which can go along with any ootd. Many of these palettes come with three shades. You can choose a particular shade or mix and match a few shades and apply it to pair with your ootd. We love the Very Graceful Blush as it is easy on the skin and suits us well. You can surely go for it and amp up your ootd!

KKW Lipsticks

Kim loves bold lips and she has a line for lipsticks that can accentuate anyone’s lips. The collection includes lipsticks, lip gloss, lip liners, lip crayons and also lip kits from Kylie’s beauty collection. The shades range from deep colour to subtle shades and suit most people and their ootd. Some of our favourites include the nude lipsticks and classic reds. These glide well on the lips and suit most skin colours. They do not leave a flaky effect and line the lips perfectly. The lipsticks can also be paired with various outfits for different occasions. Play along to find the perfect ootd! We love the matte shades. They are super smooth and soft on the lips and stay longer than any other matte lipsticks that we have tried.

KKW Eye Makeup

Kim has many KKW Beauty products for the eyes. The makeup collection includes eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara and setting powders. We love the eyeliners as they immediately make our eyes look more attractive. The most popular one is the black eyeliner. There are also other colours like grey, white, nude and cocoa brown. Our second favourite is the mascara. Just one application gives us jet black and fuller looking lashes for our ootd. The brush glides easily over the lashes and instantly defines our eyelashes.

KKW Eyeshadow

The eyeshadow palettes from KKW beauty eye makeup range have a shade for everyone. The combination of colors in this palette is great for any ootd. There are warm shades like reds, oranges, and yellow hues and also lighter shades like shimmering yellow and amber. You can also find palettes in earthy shades and metallic hues. The eye shadows have a buttery or creamy texture and can be applied easily with the help of a brush on even with a finger. Moreover, we love how these shades go well with our work wear as well as party looks and ootd.

KKW skincare products

KKW Beauty has made sure that we have something to stock up on beauty products for our skin and much as we like to have for our eyes, face and lips. There is a skin perfecting body foundation. This comes along with a tiny application brush. You can also find body shimmers, from the queen of contouring. These body shimmers are available in cream and powder form.

Hair and makeup up go hand in hand. Find out how you can pair them together here!

The model, actor and makeup moghul has already established herself on social media. We love the beauty products that go perfectly well with our ootd. We hope you do too!

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