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High Street Fashion 2020 Earrings Lookbook

by Kritika Kanodia

Accessories can make or break your outfits. With the right pair of earrings, you can radically transform your style statement. Continue reading ahead to learn about high street fashion 2020 earrings that you must own. While my top favourite for earrings is usually Pink Pvssy, you can explore the H&M stores as well for budget jewellery.

The chunky tassels are not leaving us anytime soon. 

Tassels have been a top fashion runway pick for leading designers on the block and artsy fashion style. Be it creating new ones to reusing the old ones in new packages; the public has seen it all. I am presently crushing on the geometric block tassels that look gorgeous. With a chunky feel to it, they can complete your formal as well as informal looks. Matching well with a Boho vibe, they are available in several colors. If you feel too quirky on a day, you may also match your eye shadow color to your earrings, and you are good to go. Fashion is all about exploring and expressing yourself through a casual chic style

The elegant chandelier fall is for the night outers.

Do you love to keep all eyes on you at the party? IS your charm what people can’t escape? Then, how about accentuating your look with the chandelier fall earring. Right named so, the piece dazzles on you and lights up your face. However, you must avoid the mistake of wearing dangling earrings with heavy neck pieces. Keep the look classy, and your jewellery minimal. Pick a tube gown for the event and show off those chiselled collar bones with global fashion trends!

Ethnic pieces have a special place in the heart.

Ethnic pieces are unique. They narrate a tale of culture and how a city or country’s style mantra has evolved over the years. The best part about wearing ethnic jewelry is that you can mix and match to an incredible level. Explore spring/summer 2020 fashion trends colors. Designed with the utmost simplicity, ethnic jewelry mostly focuses on colors and patterns. Adding just a dash of glitter or bling to them can suit them for various occasions. Thus, you can either buy readymade ones or start making some new ones at home. Check out jewelry-making tutorials and start working already! What are you waiting for?

Hoops have evolved over the years but remain at the top.

Did the hoops trend die out in 2015? Well, apparently not! Hoops have been the go-to earrings when you can’t decide on anything else. Moreover, it is their versatility that keeps us hooked to them. Be it a night out, a lunch plan with friends, a dinner date, or a last-minute corporate meeting, hoops are your best friend everywhere. So, taking it a notch higher, fashion enthusiasts are now propagating embroidered hoops. With intricate floral designs and details, they are going to be your latest crush. The next time you wat the perfect Instagram shot but don’t know how to dress up, simply sit in your PJs and let the hoops do the talking. #NewLookbook

Keep it low-key with one-ear accessories.

One-ear earrings are ruling the industry right now. Minimal jewellery has always been a perfect pick. However, the one-ear earring trend is the one for you if you want to stand apart from the crowd. With a dangler on one ear, you can sweep your hair to the other side. Highlight your cheekbones and shine through!

With these affordable earrings online, there’s nothing that can stop you from getting compliments. Make your collection and send in your messages on other trends I may have missed out. Let’s see what you have to offer! 

Be their goals!


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