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Dior Makeup: Bella Hadid’s Top Picks for her Make-up Bag

by Esha Saksena

Bella Hadid was declared the face of Dior Makeup in 2016 and launched her first-ever Dior Campaign in 2017. With her striking features and real-life air-brushed skin, the model has been the face of several ad campaigns for Dior Makeup. When asked about her feelings for the new venture, Bella Hadid revealed that she felt honored to be a part of Dior. She also said that Dior products are her absolute favorite.  We bring you a list of her most favorite Dior makeup products, straight from her makeup bag

Lip Glow

When it comes to make-up bag essentials, Bella Hadid just can’t go without Lip Glow, a product that has been her favourite for the longest time. Bella loves how the product brings out her natural lip colour and gives them a touch of soft red. According to the model, the best thing about the product Lip Glow is the way it has a chapstick like texture with a slightly glossy finish. 

Buy Dior Lip Glow here.

Backstage Face and body Primer

Backstage Face and Body Primer is another product from Bella Hadid’s make-up bag. This lightweight and universal primer keeps her skin oil-free and gives her the desired matt look. This amazing primer by Dior Make-up provides the much-required hydration for up to 24 hours and also reduces the appearance of about 45% pores. The product naturally enhances skin complexion and blurs skin imperfections.

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Dior Homme Face Wash

Believe it or not, but the secret behind Bella Hadid’s amazing skin is a deep cleansing men’s face wash she used to remove impurities. After long hours of work and layers of make-up, the model relies on Dior Homme Micro Purifying Cleansing Gel from her make-up bag for deep cleaning and exfoliation. The more intensive men’s skincare Dior make-up product helps Bella thoroughly clean up the product buildup. 

You can buy Dior Homme Face Wash here.

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Diorblush Light & Contour Sculpting Stick Duo

The one striking feature that makes Bella Hadid stand out is her well-sculpted face. The secret behind her well defined, sculpted features is another Dior Make-up product- Diorblush Light & Contour Sculpting Stick Duo. This two in one product consists of matte finish contour stick for defining the temple, jawline and chin and a shimmering highlighter stick for enhancing the cheekbone, bridge of the nose, and centre of the forehead. This ultimate contouring accessory for your make-up bag blends evenly and leaves you with a harmonious glow. 

Buy Diorblush Light & Contour Sculpting Stick Duo here.

 Dior Skin Star Concealer 

With long working hours and a super hectic schedule, tired eyes and dark circles are a regular occurrence in Bella Hadid’s life. Even though the model tries to get rest whenever she can, she still uses concealer as part of her daily make-up routine. For her make-up bag, Bella Hadid keeps a DiorSkin Star Concealer to hide her tired puffy eyes. This amazing illuminating and brightening concealer from Dior make-up instantly neutralizes the appearance of dark circles that leaves you with a unified and enhanced look. With regular use, the product also reduces the fatigue look from the under-eye area and leaves you with healthy and glowing under-eye skin. 

With her chiselled features and flawless skin, Bella Hadid is the inspiration for many youngsters across the world. The best part of her everyday make-up routine is that it’s very basic and neutral. 

Have you tried recreating any of Bella Hadid’s Dior Make-up looks? Share your favourite products from your make-up bag with us in the comments section below.

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