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Best Fragrances From Luxurious Brands For This Fall

by Nandini Daga

Wearing expensive clothes, using high-end makeup and looking every bit of your best, all goes waste if you don’t smell great. Fragrances are such important products as they in a way define you and your personality. Cheap scents won’t do you any good for a long period of time. Fragrances are investments that one must make as they are a part of who you are. There are a lot of perfumes and scents available in the market but there are a few that stand out. This fall, make sure to make someone “fall” in love with the way you smell. Continue reading the article to know about some of the high end fragrances and best perfumes to buy that are definitely worth it.

Marc Jacobs- Perfect Eau De Parfum

If Marc Jacobs says it’s “Perfect”, it means it is perfect. This is a definite perfume in our list because of it’s beautiful and rich fragrance. One of the best perfumes for a reason. It literally smells like fall in a bottle. The fragrance is light and fruity making it absolutely perfect for the season. The top notes are that of unusual rhubarb and daffodil with almond milk, cedarwood, and a hint of casherman. It can’t get any better. Also, don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about the bottle. How pretty would this look on your vanity!

Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Shine Eau de Toilette

Salvatore Ferragamo is by no means unknown to us. This brand of Eau de Toilette is a definite must have and for all the right reasons. This gorgeous perfume is appropriate for fall as it smells absolutely divine. The top notes here are that of pineapple, passion fruit, amber, musk and cedarwood. You don’t require too much. Just a little spray and you are good to go. Also it stays on for a very long time. It smells supremely expensive and would be great for your vanity as well. Definitely one of the best perfumes to buy. Who wouldn’t want a Salvatore Ferragamo fragrance? 

Lancome- Idôle

Rose scent is definitely a universally loved scent. It is fresh and familiar but not old. And you know who does rose scent the best? Lancome. Idôle is a beautiful perfume with equally beautiful fragrance. Rose is definitely the star of the show here, but it also comprises jasmine, citrus, vanilla and musk. This is one of the best perfumes you would want to wear in fall. It smells incredible and yet is very light and not up-your-nostrils kind of fragrance. We mean, who wouldn’t want to smell like fresh picked up roses?

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Chanel- Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum

Classy and Chanel are synonyms of each other. When we think of a classic perfume bottle, Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum definitely strikes our mind. It literally is one of the best perfumes to buy and yes, you will not regret spending on this. No wonder it is a top selling perfume in the range of Sephora fragrance. The top notes here are of orange, mandarin and Turician curaçao combined with Italian jasmine and mimosa. Fall is the time of the year and this perfume is the fragrance of the year. Aren’t they a match made in heaven. Also imagine this sitting in your vanity, looks like a million dollars, right?

Victoria’s Secret- No1 Featured Musk

We are talking about best fall fragrances, there is no way a Victoria’s Secret Scent is not included. They do scents and they do it better than anyone else. The scent that is included is from their fall collection, the No1 Featured Musk. This beautiful perfume has top notes of black cherry, Tartuffe cream and obviously musk. How we wish we could make you smell this through your screens because it deserves that attention. This beautiful fragrance comes in an equally beautiful and delicate bottle that you can carry with you. It stays on for a good amount of time and there is absolutely no compromise in terms of how it smells. Surely one of the best perfumes for fall. Divine.

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Calvin Klein- Obsessed

No wonder it is called “Obsessed” because we surely are obsessed with it’s scent. Calvin Klein never goes wrong in terms of perfume and this fragrance is a proof of that. This scent has top notes of Bergamot, mandarin, white lily that go together like a dream. The only way to describe this perfume would be dreamy. It smells so fresh and light. Definitely a top recommendation from our side as it is one of the best perfumes to buy. The perfume comes in this stunning bottle that matches the aesthetic so well. It is that perfect fall time scent that you must have.

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These were our picks for the best high-end fragrances that are definitely worth splurging your hard earned money on as these will not disappoint you to say the least. From Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Shine Eau de Toilette to Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret scent we tried to include all. Tell us which was your favourite fragrance in the comments section below and also tell us what you would like to read next.


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