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A Winter Fashion Lookbook

by Surbhi gupta

Winter is my favorite season. Hot chocolate, big boots, cuddly weather, and most importantly, being able to stay braless. The cute winter outfits are just a bonus! I firmly believe that Winter fashion is superior because well, you have like way more options. From different styles to multiple layers, overcoats, and long boots, it all makes for great ideas for a fashionable winter lookbook. I have curated different outfit ideas which you can undeniably try for all occasions.

Puffy Jackets

A comfortable and chic look, puffy jackets are always in fashion. The jackets come in a variety of pop colors. Couple them with jeans and casual innerwear, and they make a really cute winter outfit. I can tell you off the bat, I owned a puffy jacket when I was in high school, and now when I’m well navigating through corporate life, it has always been a curated winter fashion choice. 


This look is my personal favorite well because it’s a two-in-one look. Overcoats make it to the top pedestal of winter fashion because they have a classy look about themselves. I wore one once, and my dad told me I look like a celebrity street style artist, and the moment I took it off my turtle neck ( another favorite and cute looking winter outfit ) made me look like a 16-year-old. The best thing about overcoats is they come in different lengths, from blazer looks to long coats. 


Hello, my near and dear! Sweatshirts are not just the king of winter fashion; they are pure love. If a comfortable feeling could physically be manifested, it would be a sweatshirt. From stealing your partner’s oversized hoodies to just lying around the house in sweats and PJs, all of them are peak cute winter outfit ideas. With sweatshirts, styling is unquestionably key. Wearing one with high-waisted jeans and a belt makes it a daily great-looking outfit. 

Woollen Skirt & Stockings

Skirts are not just for summers. There are numerous ways to dress in a skirt, my favorite for winter fashion is a turtle neck, stocking, and thigh-high boots. I’ve seen enough Tumblr know how skirts as winter outfits are totally cute. From Thanksgiving to Christmas sweaters to a Birthday party skirts and stockings are a deadly combination. Style them up with oversized sweaters, beanies, and handbags for a perfect outing outfit. 

Denim-Fur Jackets

I think I might have way too much denim in my closet. From ripped denim jeans to crop jackets to skirts, the list goes on. Denim is a fashion for all seasons. And a denim-fur jacket is a must-have for winter fashion. Moreover, I have the perfect and the cutest winter outfit aka a stolen denim jacket from my boyfriend. Moreover, wearing it over usual knits or layers of shirts with ankle boots and leggings is an outfit for every occasion. 

Winter Dress

Who said you can not wear a dress in the winter? A dress is like a star for every occasion. You can try a basic dress and layer it with sweaters, coats, jackets, or scarves. Or, you can try a cute winter dress outfit that’s basically like a long sweater. I’ve seen my friends do some really stylish stuff with dresses and make it look simple and dapper winter fashion. Furthermore, all it needs is smart accessorizing and you’ll look as marvelous as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel who knows how to rock a dress every day!

The idea of winter fashion is not just a style but to stay warm. If you do it right, the above-mentioned outfits for winters are just cute and fuss-free. All you need to remind yourself is basic comfort is sexy and belle.

Be their goals!

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