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A Guide To No-Makeup Makeup Look

by Surbhi gupta

The no-makeup makeup look has been here for a while, and I have accepted that it isn’t going anywhere. The inevitable need to apply makeup, but not enough for it to be noticed; I declare this as an existential makeup crisis. And I love being in this crisis because I look amazing and most importantly, save money on products. Trust me when I say this, I’ve tried literally 15+ looks and have finally found my own that is a mix. So bring out those beautiful brushes, and let’s get to blend!


Now what have I said about naturally glowing skin? Follow a regime. I know it sounds fancy, but it’s simple and easy. Naturally beautiful skin is always cleansed, moisturized, and has SPF-applied. To keep the youthful glow intact you must hydrate your skin. Personally, I use serums and hydrating face sheets. You are more than welcome to use your usual good-old face cream. All of it keeps the skin supple without makeup.


Forego the foundation. I’ve never felt the need to cover my face in layers of the foundation because let’s be honest it’s a tricky business, also no-makeup makeup look means less is more. Moreover, it takes time to both put it on and remove it. On a day-to-day basis, go for lighter and minimal coverage with BB or CC creams. There are ample brands offering all shades, so you don’t have to worry about that. Using BB/CC creams, primes your skin tone, and also allows pores to breathe.


Highlighting and shadowing can make or break your look. The perfect concealer not only conceals blemishes but also helps your features pop out. A good contour gives your face an exemplary bone structure. I usually go three shades darker for the bronzer and prefer liquid-based products, but sticks work wonders too. The trick to a no-makeup makeup look contour is to not go overboard and blend well. 


A minimalistic and alive eye-makeup is the most important step of a no-makeup makeup look. Just between you and me, I sometimes only moisturize and do my eye makeup and voila! Brushing and filling your eyebrows in the right manner is very important. It takes away the dull-sleepy look and makes you look sharp. For eyes, I go for peachy-nude tones and apply just a dab of it as eye-shadow. Mascara supersedes the eye-liner simply because I need to keep it low yet fresh.

Color like a Popsicle

Disclaimer: It is Rosy/Pink cheeks, not actual red apples. 

Overdoing your blush can ruin your entire makeup look. Always go for lighter-dewy tones to make it appear natural. I often just dab my flush lip balm to fake it till I make it. 

Further coming to those lush lips, always line them, always. Structure is elegance. I don’t prefer going to the dark worlds, I mean shades, but feel free to do what you want Boss lady. With flush and juicy lips, you will nail the no-makeup makeup look.

Chandelier Highlights

Glisten, babe! A touch of that luminescence powder and you’re glowing. A traditional shimmer over those cheekbones, on the inside corner of your eye, and a little on the edge of your nose; you will rock the world. I know you’ve always wondered how those celebrities always have mirror-shimmer, it is the Highlighter. It may not sound much, but it is like a disco ball that gives life to the party, in this case, your no-makeup makeup look.

Try your hand at the No-makeup makeup look. I’m waiting for you to look effortlessly gorgeous, which indeed you already are but why not take it up a notch? Go own your narrative!

Be their goals!

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