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A Glimpse Into Barbara Palvin’s Beauty Routine

by Nandini Daga

Barbara Palvin, the 26 year old gorgeous Hungarian model is a Victoria Secret Angel. Whenever we look at her, we can understand why she would be a part of  the Victoria Secret’s Angel crew. Look at her, she is absolutely stunning. Her skin is near perfect and flawless. But it takes effort to maintain that skin. Being a model, she is always covered in makeup which makes it difficult to let her skin breathe. Hence, she has to take extra care to maintain that dewy and glowy skin. She follows a beauty routine everyday that she does everyday without fail. Let’s take a look at it. 

Cleanse To Make The Skin Clear

Cleanser is definitely the most vital step in the skincare routine and everyone should follow it. A cleanser helps the skin to get rid of all the excess oil and dirt and makes the skin look fresh and alive. Barbara is definitely a fan of cleansers and always carries them in her cosmetic bag. The ways she uses it is, she wets her face and applies the cleanser all over her face. She massages it for a couple of minutes so that the cleanser seeps into her skin and then rinses it off. It also works like an exfoliator as it hydrates the skin and exfoliates to make it look dewy and clean. The cleanser Barbara loves is the Prima Oil-In-Gel Foaming Cleanser from Giorgio Armani. No wonder her clean face looks better than most of us with makeup. 

Serum Is The Hero

A serum is a very essential product that everyone should have in their cosmetic bag. A serum is definitely an underrated product but provides the skin all the hydration and essential oil that it requires. Just like a good exfoliator, a serum too makes the skin look healthier and better. A good Vitamin C Serum has anti aging properties that helps to reduce wrinkles and gives the skin a beautiful soft texture. Barbara loves serums and always uses them before she moves on to moisturiser. The serum that she loves and swears by is the Acqua Pantelleria Essence by Giorgio Armani. She takes some on her palms and gently rubs it all over her skin. It gives her skin a nice and dewy finish.

Moisturiser is Mandatory 

We cannot stress on this point enough. A moisturiser is an extremely important product if not the most important to have in your everyday cosmetic bag. And it is not just people with dry skin that should use it but it is equally important for people with oily skin. What a moisturizer does is that it prevents dryness and gives the skin the much needed  hydration. It also prevents blemishes and spots and protects your skin from UV rays and toxins. There are many such benefits of a moisturiser and hence it is a vital product. Barbara Palvin never skips this step and the product that she swears by is Crema Nera Supreme Reviving Cream from Giorgio Armani as it is extremely light-weight and works beautifully on her dry skin. 

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Don’t Forget The Face Oil

Most people don’t like to use face oil as they think it will make their face look greasy and oily which is completely untrue. A face oil in the cosmetic bag is just as necessary as an exfoliator, a moisturiser or even a vitamin C serum. Face oil helps to reduce zits or any rashes on the skin. It also helps to shrink pores which is why they make a perfect primer to lay your makeup on. Barbara Palvin loves using face oils as it also calms her down along with having all the benefits. The face oil that she loves to use is Farmacy Honey Grail Ultra Hydrating Face Oil and she swears by it. She uses it everyday and no wonder her face always looks like a dream. 

Say No To Chapped Lips

A Lip Balm is definitely most people’s favorite product to have in their cosmetic bag. A lip balm makes the lips super soft and hydrated. No one likes having chapped lips and everyone likes using lipstick. It is a perfect base for your ultra-matte lipstick as it will not dry your lips out and you will still be able to wear a matte lipstick. Lip balms are a definite must-have in your daily skin-care routine. Likely Barbara also loves lip balm and her favorite is Ecstasy Lip Balm from Giorgio Armani and she is addicted to it. 

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Barbara Palvin is a definite stunner and that skin is to die for. But now we do know some of her beauty and skin-care products and know how she maintains her skin and what helps her skin stay healthy and flawless. This was a small glimpse into Barbara Palvin’s beauty routine. Tell us which step is your favourite in your daily skincare routine in the comments section below. Also tell us what you would like to read next.


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