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7 expert tips for clearing your acne

by Raspreet kaur
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Acne and pimples are the most common skin problems faced by many teenagers and young adults. Even after those never-ending trips to dermatologists and buying expensive skin care products, individuals still face acne problems. It is crucial to remember that everyone has unique skin and thus single advice to get rid of acne for all skins, simply won’t work. The degree of your acne prone skin depends upon your genetic history, lifestyle choices, skin type, etc. Taking the following factors into consideration we have combined 7 expert tips that will reduce your pimple popping days, to give you a healthy glowy skin.

1. Wash your face twice daily

Perhaps the simplest rule to get rid of acne prone skin tip out there is wash your face twice in a day. Easy and convenient to follow this skin care tip works for people with every skin type. If you have oily or combination skin type chances are you’re more prone to acne, so washing your face in the morning and the night will get rid of all the unwanted oil, dirt, and pollution from your face.

2. No more dead skin cells

Exfoliation is the holy grail to get rid of dead skin cells accumulated in your face and body. If these dead skin cells stay on your face for a longer period, it can result in clogging of your pores, which will ultimately lead to Acne or pimple breakouts. If you have oily acne prone skin then you should exfoliate twice or thrice in a week.

3. 360 clean up with a cleanser

Just washing your face with water or basic face wash will not do. You need to find the right type of face cleanser for your skin type to rejuvenate your skin. Look for critical acids such as Salicylic acid, lactic acid, and benzoyl peroxide in your skin care face cleaners as they hydrate your acne prone skin, without stripping it off essential oils. Read the perks of using Vitamin C as face cleansers here.

4. Bath your face in Hydrating moisturizers

It is a common myth among the public moisturizers can make your skin oily or can clog your pores. It is nonetheless, the opposite of the myth. Light-weight moisturizers hydrate your skin without making it look oily or greasy. Dehydrated and dry skin is the worst nightmare for anyone with acne prone skin as it can make your acne problem worse as it can trigger oil glands to overproduce oils in your face. Invest in hydrating, light-weight skin care moisturizers for healthy skin.

5. Beauty sleep check

Imagine how many of our problems would be solved if we drank enough water and got enough sleep. Sleep is the first rule of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and a lot of our health and skin problems would be solved if we got a strict 9-hour sleep every day. Not enough sleep can trigger breakouts not only in acne prone skin but other skin types too. Sync your skin care routine with a healthy sleep cycle.

6. Makeup can cause acne too

Your favorite brand of cosmetics is presumably the reason behind your acne problem. Cosmetics can cause a different type of acne called acne cosmetica, which has become a major skin care problem. Furthermore, choose makeup that feels light on your skin and does not clog your pores. If you have acne prone skin, then it’s best if you wear makeup less frequently.

7. Isotretinoin: ultimate drug for acne prone skin

Isotretinoin is a derivative of Vitamin A and is used to treat many skincare and health problems. This drug should, however, be used in limited concentration and amounts. Moreover, you will find many retinoid products on skin care selves, as they are used by skincare brands to decrease the number of acne on your skin. Read some more effective ways to get rid of acne here.

Let us know if the following tips helped your acne prone skin to get clear and healthy skin. Read here for Skin care products review to help you find suitable skincare products for your skin type.

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