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6 must-have Korean Skincare products

by Raspreet kaur
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K-beauty has, without a doubt, been the recent buzz in the beauty and skincare industry, and we all know why. One thing every Korean woman is particular about is maintaining healthy and glowing skin. They have a strict 10-step skincare routine that they follow every day without fail. Traditional methods combined with new innovative technology has to lead to these skin care products having incredible results on your skin. Here are the top 6 affordable must-have Korean skin care products for every skincare and beauty enthusiast.

Mamonde rose flower lab essence

Every Korean beauty enthusiast will unquestionably agree to the fact that sheet masks are their favorite beauty products. This hydrating cloth is infused with rich serums and acids for your skin to stay healthy and radiant. Mamonde rose flower lab essence sheet mask is enriched with hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and rose extracts to nourish and hydrate your skin. The translucent mask also has a subtle rose aroma that will help you unwind and relax. These cost-effective skin care products will leave your face hydrated with dewy effect, plump, and healthy. 

Laneige Lip Sleeping mask

Your lips need the same amount of hydration and pampering as the rest of your face, and this effective lip sleeping mask is here for you. This lip mask will moisturize and hydrate your lips overnight for pink supple-looking lips throughout the day. It is different from the other skin care products in the market as the fine balm texture makes it easy for quick absorption. Furthermore, it is a fragrance blend of berry extracts like strawberry, blueberry, cranberry, raspberry that will calm your senses. It is paraben-free, and phthalate-free making it a must-have for each beauty enthusiast.

Beet the sun

Korean women religiously follow their sun care routine with various SPF rich skin care products. Krave beauty’s beet the sun is one of the beauty products that should be in the bag of every beauty enthusiast this summer. A gentle SPF 50+ PA++++ sunscreen that will shield your skin from harmful UV rays that can damage your skin cells. It is made from beetroot extracts and enriched with antioxidants to safeguard your skin from being sunburnt. Moreover, another advantage of this product is that it can also be used as a substitute for a makeup primer.

Son & Park beauty water toner

Any beauty enthusiast will tell you that toner is an essential step in a skincare routine. Many people carelessly skip toner skin care products and thus are not able to achieve optimum results. This beauty water toner by Son & Park is one of the game-changer Korean skin care products in the market. Moreover, a multi-purpose toner that acts as a base and prepares your skin for the following makeup or skincare products. Furthermore, the mildly refreshing beauty water will get rid of all the dirt, impurities, and unwanted oils from your face.

Innisfree hydrating serum with green tea seed

Green tea is no stranger to skin care products. With it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, several beauty enthusiasts extensively use it to get rid of acne for glowing skin. Moreover, the serum is instantly absorbed into your face and replenishes it of all the essential vitamins it needs for a brighter complexion. Every beauty enthusiast should add this serum in their skincare routine for porcelain skin.

Then I met you calming tide gel cream

‘Then I met you’ is a Korean skincare brand by the beauty enthusiast, Charlotte Cho. She has curated this brand to incorporate all the Korean beauty secrets in her skin care products. One of the raging beauty products from her brand is this moisturizing gel cream. The light-weight formula will hydrate and nourishes your skin without making it look oily or greasy. Moreover, the essential ingredients repair the skin barrier to make it healthy and radiant. Furthermore, check out Aseop’s facial hydrating cream here.

These were undeniably some of the must-have Korean skin care products every beauty enthusiast should own for a brighter, healthier, and glowing skin. Comment below your personal favorite from the list! 

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