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5 ways to style a neckerchief

by Ethnic Western

A neckerchief is an underrated yet aesthetic piece of accessories that you can add to your outfit. Along with a touch of elegance, it is perfect for looking like an absolute goddess. If you are a scarf fashion enthusiast, you must know that there are myriad ways to style a neckerchief. In this guide, I’m going to give you some fashion style insights on how your neckerchief can give you your desired end-look. Read ahead to learn how to effortlessly wear your vibrant neckerchiefs, along with disclosing only the most useful fashion style hacks. 

Elegant knot

One of the best ways to style a neckerchief has got to be by wearing it as a necklace. Add your favorite neckerchief to your outfit and style it as a necklace by adding a finishing knot to the neckerchief. While you might think that necklaces are the only accessories that you can wear on your neck, you’re absolutely wrong! You can now buy scarves online from popular brands like Forever 21 as an excellent alternative to necklaces. Style this neckerchief with a good pair of formals to look your very best. 

The new Gen-Z belt

Millennial trends are unquestionably changing the game of Gen Z fashion. One of the most excellent ways to style a neckerchief is to wear it as a belt. Why choose standard belts when you can choose much more cutesy and elegant neckerchiefs that can give your look just the charm it needs? Not only can the neckerchief hold your pants in the perfect position, but can also add that final touch to your fashion style outfit. To finish this look, wear a cute pair of jeans, along with a solid shirt of your choice. 

Around the neck

You got to admit that your inner cowboy is waiting to outshine your look. Here is your chance at utilizing the best ways to style a neckerchief- go, cowboy! A little western cowboy scarf fashion hurt nobody, did it? Style this look with any of your favorite outfits, starting from jeans and tops, dresses, and even shorts and crop tops. Neckerchiefs are the most convenient ways of looking stylish and protecting your neck against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Thus, this style is best suited for all-day occasions. 

Accessorize your handbag

Well well well, accessorizing your accessories is just the best way of looking like a complete fashion style freak. The next style on my list of different ways to style a neckerchief is to add it as an additional accessory to your primary accessories itself. For instance, you can tie your neckerchief to your favorite handbag that you carry anywhere and everywhere. While almost every woman is used to carrying their handbags everywhere, here is a styling tip to give your handbag and your overall look a much more compelling appeal. Don’t forget to add a contrasting colored neckerchief to the bag. 

Choker style

The last and one of my personal favorite styles in this list of ways to style a neckerchief is to wear it as a choker. A choker is one of the most famous accessories that most people absolutely love. Whether you want to pair your choker with a formal outfit or an informal outfit, it never disappoints. A fashion style tip that may work best with this type of neckerchief style is to go solid. Pick your favorite solid white oversized shirt with your favorite denims to give your outfit the elegance it needs. You may even wear it as a headband with the same choker style.

Now that you know different ways to style a neckerchief, it’s time to choose an aesthetic outfit to set a bold first impression at that crucial job interview or even a family occasion. Don’t forget to add these vibrant accessories to your closet right away! 

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