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Tommy Hilfiger x Celebrity Collaborations

by Raspreet kaur

Tommy Hilfiger is a renowned American fashion brand in the industry. Honoring America’s pop culture and heritage, the fashion brand celebrates youthfulness through its range of preppy and comfortable clothes. Over the years, the brand has collaborated with millennial role models, for example, Gigi Hadid, Zendaya, and more to create a line of celebrity fashion apparel for its consumers. On December 3rd 3019, Tommy Hilfiger was honored with the “Collaborator of the Year” award at the FN Achievement Awards ceremony. Read below for the creative and financially profitable Tommy Hilfiger x Celebrity Collaborations over the years.

Tommy x Gigi season 4

Gigi Hadid was signed as the brand’s co-designer in the year 2016. Since then, this duo has successfully launched four seasons of its clothing line. The first part of their collaborative collection was launched during the Tommy Hilfiger New York Fashion Week show for the Fall/Winter season 2016-17. Gigi Hadid’s and Tommy Hilfiger’s iconic collaboration ended on a high note with the launch of their final collection in the 2018 Milan Fashion Week for the Spring/Summer season. The clothing line was inspired by automobile aesthetic designs. The entire runway was constructed to look like the racing track. Crop tops, visors, leather jackets all in the brand’s usual color scheme were worn by Gigi’s model friends for the show. Siblings Anwar Hadid and Bella Hadid showed their never-ending support to their sister by walking the runway to honor the end of this bittersweet journey.

Tommy x Zendaya

After one year of Gigi taking a step back from being the co-designer of the brand, Tommy Hilfiger signed Zendaya, the fashion icon of many teens and adults across the world. Their first collection shot the sales of the company through the roof. Therefore, the high success rates called for another collaboration between them. The pair chose the Apollo Theater as a venue to launch their second designer collection at the New York Fashion Week. The Euphoria actress’s designer apparel matched the rich cultural history of art and music of Harlem’s Apollo Theater. Several famous personalities took the runway or attended the show all clad in the clothes from this celebrity fashion collaborative line.

Tommy x Lewis Hamilton 

Lewis Hamilton, the five-time World Champion Formula One Driver, is also the global ambassador of the brand. For 2019 Fall collection Tommy Hilfiger and Lewis Hamilton focused on America’s street style and combined it with sustainability. The dynamic duo’s collection was launched in Milan, and the show was filled with enthusiasm and spontaneous energy. Furthermore, the clothing line featured athletic leisure apparel, for example, bomber jackets, tracksuits, hoodies, and so on. 

Tommy x Lewis Hamilton x H.E.R

For the fourth season of Lewis Hamilton x Tommy Hilfiger collaboration, the duo decided to invite pop singer H.E.R to get on board for their 2020 celebrity fashion collaborative line. The brand switched to a much more eco-friendly aspect of fashion by using sustainable fabrics in at least 75% of their entire collection. Furthermore, the entire clothing apparel was designed in a neon color palette and decorated with the brand’s prominent ‘Loyalty’ logo. This season focused on gender fluidity and inclusiveness elements of fashion. The show took place in London and was packed with well-known influential celebrities in the entertainment and fashion industry. Bold, edgy, and authenticity are three apt words, to sum up, the entire collaboration. 

2020 marks the 35th anniversary of the brand, and we can’t see what Tommy Hilfiger has in store for us. Which celebrity collaboration x Tommy collaboration do you want to see in the future? Comment them below! Until then stay tuned for more celebrity fashion styling tips and news on our website.

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