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Stunning Louis Vuitton Heels for every occasion

by Nandini Daga
Louis Vuitton Heels

They say “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. If it is so, then heels definitely come a close second. And no-one does heels better than Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton or better known as LV is a French luxury brand that was founded in the year 1854. It has been mesmerizing people with its items since then. But something that definitely sticks out is their heels. A pair of LV heels can make any girl feel like she owns the room. Here is a list of some stunning Louis Vuitton Heels that one can adorn at any occasion.

Classic, not cliché

When we think of Louis Vuitton, this pair of stunning Christian Louis Vuittons pop in our head. This pair of LV’s is classic and timeless for all the right reasons. It is simple yet supremely classy and makes a casual outfit look extraordinary. A definite must-have in your dream heel collection. Also, you can style this pair with basically any outfit and it would still be gorgeous. Get some outfit ideas and styling tips here.

Pump it up

The next heels on my list is yet another pair of designer heels. This is the Cherie Pump from Louis Vuitton. The design of it is so demure and feminine. It is a pair of heels that you could dress it up or dress it down depending upon your style and aesthetic as it in latest fashion. You can style it with a little black dress to make it all delicate or wear a pantsuit and make it all edgy. It is a definite neutral set of heels that one needs.

In a “Bling” of an eye

This pair of LV’s will make one stand out in the crowd, and that too in literal sense. These heels are sexy, glamorous, and dramatic. It is not one of those everyday pairs of heels but a definite fashion trend when you want to make a statement. This one is the easiest to style as one doesn’t need to do anything much with the outfit, the Louis Vuitton heels will do all the talking. There is nothing such as “Too much Bling”.

Red is the new Black

Red is the color of the season, in fact, color of all the seasons, which makes this pair of fabulous LV’s the heels of all seasons. These stunning red pumps are in latest fashion and also are appropriate for any occasion as they are an extremely versatile pair. They are not over the top but still manage to grab enough attention. You can pair it with a well-fitted pair of denims and a basic tank top and it still looks enough. Can you ever go wrong with trending heels like that?

Bring back the Retro

an you picture Naomi Campbel walking in these beautiful LV’s and owning the runway like a goddess? This pair of LV’s are retro and remind us of old hollywood. So feminine and classy. A vintage look with these designer heels would be such a look which is also trending now. Take some retro fashion ideas from here and pair it up with these heels. Stunning. Get some retro styling tips here.

This was the list of some of the stunning Louis Vuitton heels that one could wear for any occasion as they were very versatile pieces that you can team up with casual outfits or can glam it up and yet these would look extremely beautiful. Heels definitely improve your posture and make you look extremely sophisticated and especially when those heels are from Louis Vuitton.

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