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Milan Fashion Week: 5 high fashion Brand Couture to watch out for

by Esha Saksena

With the COVID 19 virus still spreading in many countries, every fashion enthusiast across the world was deprived of the chance to feel the rush and experience the latest fashion trends from the fashion brands. Even though we recently saw the highlights of the Milan Fashion Week Spring 2020, we stilled missed all the behind the scenes footage, looks of models off the runway and just the hustle and excitement of being part of something new happening. Let’s go back down the memory lane and look back at some of the memorable fall fashion from five high fashion brands from Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020.


The fall was uniques for the fashion brand, Versace, as they presented their ready-to-wear fall collection for both men and women at the same time. The overall youthful collection was a fun party to be a part of. The show mainly consisted of a pared-down collection of Versace, except the show finale, where Donatelle presented an amazing collection of party-ready mini dresses. The show also had some tailored suits,  collegiate-inspired ensembles and some bright florals for the pre-fall mood. If you are looking for inspiration for the nest party dress you want to add to your closet, Versace Party mini dresses from the fall fashion would be a great place to look at.


When it comes to the Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020, Italian designers from the top fashion brands had flamboyant, confectionary dressings on their minds from ruffle and tulle layers to dessert-inspired ensembles. Among the many Moschino deserves a special shoutout for the sweetest Marie Antoinette approved choices. With their cosplayed version of the French Queen, they took,” Let them eat cake” quote to a whole new level. The layered dresses resembling desserts, bright colours and unique designs stole the show. 


Already known as one of the top fashion brands, this year Gucci upped their game by a niche by skipping the runway for their show. In Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020, we saw Alessandro Michele ditch the traditional runway presentation for fall fashion, instead, bringing the backstage to the front with a large rotating platform. As the models got ready and took their places, they formed a mesmerising carousel of looks. The show has definitely gone down in history to actively present the whole collection of Fall fashion instead of using rotation platforms to just present the showstopper pieces. Furthermore, with lots of frills and old school romanticism, Gucci attracted a lot of attention.


Prada presented an office-ready collection for the fall fashion in the Milan Fashion Week 2020. The highlighted elements of fringes and ribbed tights added a fun mix to the office-ready collection. Talking about fringes, Milan Fashion Week had a display of fringes with a capital ‘F’. Moreover, from the fringes on bags to the whole outfits with fringes, the show had it all. As the new co-creative director of the fashion brand, it would be interesting to see what Raf Simons brings to the runway and how he will push Miuccia to rethink the brand. 


The fashion brand Fendi undeniably came out the strongest with their “soft power” for their fall fashion collection at the Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020. The creative director Silvia Venturini Fendi featured a soft feminine colour palette and ladylike silhouettes were balanced with strong military style tailoring. The designs also had a nibbed waist effect that was created with corset-like boning. Another special touch was the exaggerated puffy sleeves that showcased the tailoring skills. 

Which of these fall fashion looks from the Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020 did you find the most appealing? Which fashion brand’s collection was the best according to you? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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