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How to get ready for the next Derby match

by Raspreet kaur
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Kentucky Derby day is a horse racing match held on the first Saturday, of May. Due to the current pandemic, it has been postponed to the 5th of September 2020. The entire luxurious experience is more than just horse racing. It is an ideal opportunity for both men and women to showcase their elegant taste in fashion with their stunning fashion style outfits. Derby day set trends for Spring fashion, and it is a favorable opportunity to make a bold fashion impression. Ladies, if you are confused with where to start then follow this guide for the complete Derby outfit.

Summer shady hats

No other accessories can add sophistication to your ensemble other than a hat. Tried and proved by the women of the British Royal Family- hats never fail to make a statement with their outfits. When attending a Kentucky Derby day match, hats are an absolute must. From feather tops, board-brimmed to nets, and plumed, you will find every woman wearing a different fashion style hat. Don’t hold back on making bolder choices when choosing a hat for your outfit.

Perfect fitting pantsuits

Female fashion style icons have made pantsuits a significant part of women’s fashion. Women regularly wear them at offices, award functions, fashion week and Kentucky Derby day is no less. They are smart, classy, and convenient to wear throughout the day. Victoria Justice has completed her monochromatic pantsuit look with a shiny top black hat. You can recreate this look or opt to wear coordinating blazer and pants with a plain blouse. 

Pastel summer days

Pastel color and floral dresses are the safest clothing option for Kentucky Derby Day. They are the key to sophisticated and vogue outfits. The soothing pastel colors match well with the summer theme and are easy on the eyes. You can choose to wear any of the summer colors or floral outfits of any fashion style, for instance, puff sleeves, short slit, strapless, etc. However, many celebrities have defied the light color clothing daytime stereotype in style by wearing bold and darker shades. Remember, you want to make a fashion statement on Derby day. So the bolder your choices are, the better.

Tippy toes heels

Footwear is the first thing people notice about your outfit. Thus, it is imperative to pick a pair of classy heels. If you are going to walk around the ground all-day on  Kentucky Derby Day, then stilettoes are not an ideal option. However, you can wear platform heels, wedges, and platform heels. They add charm and a touch of feminine to the fashion style outfit. The historic grounds of Churchill Downs can be difficult to walk on, and wearing heels all day can be tiring- if you’re not used to it. Our expert tip would be to carry a pair of flats in case of an emergency.

Pencil heels for dirby match

Stylish handbags

Kentucky Derby day is long and exhausting so it is smart to carry a handbag that can conveniently store your essentials and look trendy. Your essentials include sunscreen, a pair of shoes, an extra water bottle, fashionable sunglasses, wet wipes, etc. Ideally, you can opt for a smaller clutch to fit all these items in or carry a crossbody handbag. Moreover, you can click here for a list of designer Michael Kors handbags to pair up with your fashion style outfit.

handbags for dirby matches

This guide covers every single necessary fashion style clothing items you will need to get ready for the next Kentucky Derby Day. The dates for the Kentucky Derby are released, but they are tentative. It may change following the pandemic. Pack your best sunscreen and get ready for the legendary horse racing day.

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