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Go eco-friendly with sustainable swimsuit fashion brands

by Raspreet kaur

The fashion industry is all about glamour and luxurious clothing, but the lesser-known truth about this industry is the tones waste it generates. The garbage seeps into our oceans and lands. Famous fashion celebrities have sworn off buying outfits and are raising awareness about the same. While people from all over the world are putting in efforts, we can do our bit by buying clothes made from recycled fabric. Sustainable fashion has been trending and many people are encouraged to switch to swimwear made from recycled plastic or fibers. To narrow down your options here’s a list of sustainable ethical swimwear brands you can shop your summer bathing suits from.

Jade swim

This sustainable ethical swimwear brand by the well-known fashion stylist and editor Brittany Kozerski. The brand uses Econyl fibers derived from regenerated nylon to make sustainable swimwear for women of all sizes. The entire recycled swimwear brand is a female-run company to open up employment opportunities for women across the globe. The designs are minimally aesthetic combined with innovative silhouettes. The bathing suits are  also crafted for UV protection, resistance to suntan lotions, chlorine, and oils for long time wear. Moreover, you can click here for protective sunscreen lotions alternatives to complete your ideal beach bag.


 This brand not only produces recycled swimwear, but it also targets inclusivity of all body sizes. To broaden their sustainable bathing suits size range, they took body measurements of 1.5 million women- so that they can find their perfect body fit.

The cost-effective brand believes in direct consumer selling and thus cuts out the middleman to make their fashion products much more affordable to its consumers.


This San-Francisco based brand that makes bathing outfits from deadstock or sustainable fabrics such as Econyl which is regenerated nylon manufactured from plastic and ocean waste. Their recycled swimwear collection aims to reduce ocean waste and have strict carbon-neutral regulating policies. Their swimwear range has trendy prints from summer fashion florals to tie-dye and leopard prints.


UK based brand that has bathing suits ranging in a variety of colors, fashion,patterns, and cuts. They cater to the needs of anybody’s body size and swim style. The brand aims to make all their more environmentally friendly and their recycled swimwear line has gorgeous inexpensive swimsuits that will ensure you are beach ready. 

Hackwith Design House

The label was started by Lisa Hachwith who collaborated with small retailers to make and sell her sustainable swimsuit clothing. The brand’s bathing suits define summer aesthetic and sustainability. Their recycled swimwear collection has classy white cut designs that will keep you cool in hot summer beach days. They offer the best ethical fashion across the states. Each sustainable ethical swimwear have minimalistic yet trendy designs that give your summer fashion outfits an edge.


The label has combined sustainability with vintage style. For all you ladies who like a twist 80’s fashion in their outfits, this recycled swimwear label is the perfect fit for you. All of their bathing suits are woven in a mill situated in Italy which contributes to lowering carbon footprint. The use only Econyl fabric for all of their swimsuits. Furthermore, they have collaborated with healthy seas which an organization of professionally trained sea divers that retrieve the ghost fishing nets from the ocean floor. These nets are then processed to make the fiber for the swimwear made from recycled plastic nets.

All it takes is a single step to make a change that will save our environment. It is now more than ever that we must spread awareness of sustainable fashion and switch to recycled swimwear outfits. By buying these bathing suits, we will be contributing to saving the environment and look stylish on our beach days. 

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