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80’s summer fashion

by Raspreet kaur
80's summer fashion

The ’80s was surely a decade of good music, glamorous parties, and exquisite fashion taste. New fashion trends came into existence in the ’80s, and several years later they are still commonly followed by people. Major fashion figures like Madonna and even Princess Diana were responsible for setting major fashion trends in the ’80s. There was no room for subtlety. Well-known fashion tips included ray bans, swatch watches, etc. Here are some of the popular 80’s fashion clothing with a twist of modern-day styling tips.

Shoulder pad power suits 

The 80’s fashion reshaped the formal dressing for women. Oversized blazers with shoulder pads were one of the known fashion tips widely followed by women in the 1980’s. Princess Diana was a part of this fashion trend too and regularly wore business power suits multiple times throughout the ’80s. This trend has made a modern-day comeback in the form of coordinating blazer and pants or skirts and is an ideal outfit for the modern-day businesswoman.

All about animal prints

Though the trend of animal print dates backs to the early days of the 1900s, it became fashionable in the 1960s among the woman in America. Furthermore, its popularity saw a prominent leap in the 80’s fashion as nearly every piece of clothing had animal prints like cheetah print, leopard print, zebra prints, etc. Taking a lesson from the ’80s animal print, and animal print accessories are still famously followed fashion tips in the year 2020, for major fashion designers and general audiences all around the world.

A whole neon world

We meant it when we said the 80’s fashion was anything but subtle. It’s not the 80’s era if you can’t spot people glowing in neon from a while away. This decade set the trend of neon outfit fashion tips and has never looked back since then. Neon colors are still an on0going trend worn by famous personalities like the Kardashians and also the royal family members of Britain.

Retro high-waisted denim

Although the trend of high-waisted jeans came into existence in the previous decades, the 80’s fashion set a whole new rage for high-waisted denim. Acid washed jeans, printed patch-work jeans styled with various fashion tips were quite appealing to teens, adults, and celebrities alike. Furthermore, it gave a demanding competition to low-rise jeans and also completely took over the denim industry. Accessorize the look with Kate Spade handbags.

Pretty in skirts

80’s fashion saw one trend which is trendy to date, and that is- miniskirts. As the waist of jeans went higher, the length of the skirt became shorter and shorter. Skirts were made of denim, nylon, and other synthetic materials. Rah-Rah is a type of skirt with multiple layers of ruffles. The layers of ruffles depended upon the length of the skirt. One of the vital fashion tips to remember from the ’80s fashion trends is that- the shorter, the better. Most 80’s fashion enthusiasts wore skirts under leggings or leg warmers- a trend we still use for winter cute outfits. Sheer stockings are paired with knee-high boots to accessorize this look.

Swatch Watches

Every cool kid from the ’80s owned a swatch watch. The 80’s fashion saw prominent changes in accessories too. Fashion tips to accessorize trendy outfits evolved every year in the 1980s. Nicolas Hayek, a Swiss watchmaker, founded the company. Kids all around the world were a frenzy for these watches, and wearing multiple watches on one wrist became a trend. People owned numerous of these colorful and affordable watches to match their outfits. Although vibrant swatch watches are not the trend in today’s fashion world, elegant metal strap watches from brands like Daniel Wellington have become an essential accessory for your outfits. Read here for the ultimate closet makeover guide.

Tell us about your favorite 80’s fashion trend and how you incorporate these fashion tips in your daily cute outfits!

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