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Vicky, I do not think it’s working out!

by Kritika Kanodia

Vicky, you have been an absolute charm on screen. I love each scene where I see you. It’s just something about your face and on-screen presence that keeps me hooked to the screen. Right from the time I watched you as Deepak Kumar in Masaan, I fell in love with who I saw. Then, we moved a step forward, and I saw you play Neela Kukkad in Manmarziyaan, Iqbal Syed in Raazi, and Prithvi in Bhoot- The Haunted Ship. While I watched these movies for my love for good scripts (and you, of course), I cannot help but wonder why you have still not been able to pull off a solo movie. 

Now, before you get all worked up and pop up with the awards that you have received for Masaan and Uri, let’s deal with one thing at a time. Masaan touched everyone’s hearts. It has some beautiful scenes, dialogues, and lyrics that still resonate with me and countless others. As for Uri, let’s face it that it reached the top because of its subject. The brutal attack from our neighbors had left the subcontinent completely shocked and angry. Your movie showed everyone how skilfully the nation took an eye for an eye and fought for itself. 

You are an excellent actor. But, are you a hero? Breaking up with Harleen may have been the first mistake you made. But trying to pull off movies on your own is the second in line. I understand you’re still new to this stardom, and each day, you’re working hard towards a bigger goal. But it’s high time you pull up your socks and get down to business. Riding high on old success can be the first correction. (Please look into it!) 

I adore the lover boy from Love Per Square Foot, and the inclined cop from Raman Raghav 2.0, but where is the real Vicky who strives for success every moment. I am no film critic, so I cannot comment on your choice of scripts (also, my opinion is gonna be biased because it’s you), but its a request that you need a better PR team and manager to think out of the box. Clinging to Katrina won’t work wonders! 

You are remarkably hardworking. Yeah, I read how you fractured a cheekbone during Bhoot’s making and underwent 12 internal and 13 external stitches (or vice versa). But then why do I not see any results? I feel like the desi mom comparing you to Sharma Ji’s beta, but it’s the truth. I am not going to roast you because, firstly, I have not reached your stature, and secondly, who am I to do that? But, I’m not letting go of this so quickly. 

Coming to your Instagram, yes, I quite appreciate some of your posts. I like how you went viral with the fan cleaning video. That’s the type of content you need more to make a name on social media. Come on, take a leaf from Kartik’s book. Look how he uses every opportunity to connect with his viewers and keep them hooked. Yeah, you’re an introvert, so what you’re doing is any way out of your comfort zone. But you gotta push yourself a little more to get ahead! 

As I always say,

Be their goals! 


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