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Take Inspiration from Lili Reinhart And Cami Mendes To Twin With Your Best Friend

by Esha Saksena

Riverdale’ Stars Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes are our latest #BFFFashionGoals. Their posts and stories on Instagram, tweets, and snap stories are making us miss our best friends in the times of this pandemic. Our favorite on-screen best friend duo is also best friends in real life. Even though they didn’t hit off immediately but now the two of them do so many things together and make us miss our girl gang. Here a throwback to their twinning moments, where they gave us the latest fashion trends and street style outfit ideas to try with our BFF. 


 Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes recently got to be the new face of  Bongo Jeans. Twinning in these simple street style outfits, they totally stole our hearts. The campaign, #bongoBFF was all about BFF goals and we can see their amazing chemistry clearly in all the snaps from the shoot. The first one on our list of favorite trending clothes is this evergreen combination of blue denim from  Bongo and white tops. Both their looks have summer outfit vibes written all over. We are absolutely in love with Lili’s spaghetti top. 

Steal their style: Recreate this look with your BFF and enjoy an afternoon full of fun and entertainment at your favorite store or food court. You can also throw on some minimal jewelry like Lili and Camila to slay the day.

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Beauties in black

Black is the go-to color for almost every young woman and when Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes wore black for The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon we couldn’t stop ourselves from adoring this iconic best friend duo. Even though it was Camila’s first talk show after her first acting job, the actress didn’t break a sweat even once and totally nailed it with her best friend. Camila wore a strapless dress and Lili sported a halterneck dress for the show and gave us multiple fashion outfit ideas and owned the fashion trend while twinning with each other.  

Steal their style: Twin in similar black dresses with your BFF for birthday parties,  cocktail nights, and even office parties. These dresses from Lili and Camila’s wardrobe will set you two apart irrespective of the occasion. 

Fall Fashion

Another one of our favorites from the #bongoBFF shoot is this simple fall outfit fashion vibe.  While they aren’t exactly twinning,  we still love this outfit ensemble to try with your BFF.  This simple combination of a button-down shirt and bongo jeans and shorts is making us love the duo more and more for all the fashion trends they set for us. 

Steal their style: Twin with your BFF the next time you out with flowy printed button-down shirts paired with denim jeans. Throw on a leather or denim jacket to complete the ensemble and make it the perfect fall outfit for an evening of fun and relaxation.  

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Classy and chic

Even if none of the outfits above made you want to badly twin with your BFF, this one surely will. We love how Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes got all retro-chic with this amazing outfit ensemble. Right from the classy pose and the retro vibes, we love everything about this. Lili’s puffy sleeve white top from H&M is a must-have for your closet. Camila, on the other hand, is giving us summer outfit ideas in her Bandeau top from Rachel Roy and shorts from  Tara Jarmon. 

Steal their style: We recommend Camila’s outfit style for a fun yet classy look suitable for an all-girls night or a house party. We love Lili’s outfit just a little bit more than Camila’s as it is more versatile. You can undeniably recreate her look for both formal and semiformal office parties and conferences and turn heads with your amazing fashion style.

Which of these looks from Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes fashion styles is your twinning with your BFF fashion outfit? What are your stories of twinning with your best friend? Share this with your best friend to remind her how much she matters to you. 

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Be their goals!

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