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Sustainable fashion- The future of fashion style post-COVID-19

by Kritika Kanodia

Sustainable fashion- The future of fashion style post-COVID-19

Sustainable fashion is the need of the hour. Presently, the world is stuck in a phase that does not seem to end any time soon. What started in December 2019, has now kept the world on hold, in every aspect. With such troubling times dominating everyone’s lives, the fashion industry has been hit terribly with all sales and functions coming to a standstill. 

Today’s global population is at a stage where people are rapidly losing their jobs and struggling to make ends meet. So, it would be unwise to expect a consumer to splurge on fashion styles and outfits. Read ahead why sustainable fashion is a necessity post-COVID-19. 

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion can be understood in two ways. The initial approach is centered around focusing on the environment. Man is not a stranger to the destruction that he has done to the environment. In fact, most of the “natural calamities” that we face presently, such as earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis, are results of man’s actions. Forest and water bodies across the globe are losing their purity and aesthetic value. Amidst this, the world needs a sustainable fashion that ensures no zero harm to any element of nature. 

The second approach of sustainable fashion centers around the client. Customers are the driving force behind every industry. To explain with an example, today, a brand like H&M creates individual fashion styles because that is what their target buyers wear. 

In economic terms, there must always be a balance between demand and supply. Since the present global pandemic has imposed a worldwide lockdown affecting business, buyers will now think twice before buying anything. They will opt for what is necessary and try to recycle and reuse. 

What can fashion houses do post COVID-19?

The industry needs to revive. With global sales being affected by at least 30% to 40%, there is no way that the old strategies of outfit designing can continue. Brands need to look for ways of sustainable fashion and engage in customer retention. A major chunk of the fashion industry will be wiped out in 2020 because of canceled orders. So, the first step is to take account of the investment the domain needs. Fashion houses need to bring down their cost of production to sustain themselves in an economic crisis. 

Sustainable fashion is also a gateway for creating more opportunities in the industry. Today, most of the way that big brands do is machine-based. But a sustainable fashion business model can create employment when customers want to know the origin of the products and those involved in creating it.

In the long run, sustainable fashion is also more cost-effective. Not to forget the positive impact it can have on the environment. Honestly, sustainability is the key to success in every field. 

Why is everyone talking about sustainable fashion?

You must be taken aback that why is everyone suddenly discussing sustainable fashion. While the present COVID-19 losses have been a significant precursor, another aspect is how the environment has healed in the absence of human activities. The local and international news has been reiterating how animals have returned to their native lands and waters, and forests are finally recovering. It has forced all of us to rethink what we have done to our planet. 

Simple hacks for sustainable fashion

  • Do not let go of hand-me-downs.

Recycle clothes that you have. It can be of older relatives, siblings, or distant cousins who no longer need them. Styling hacks can help you create new from old. 

  • Create opportunities for customers to bring their fabric.

Customers should be allowed to bring their fabrics that can be transformed with natural dyes, hand-prints, and colors. It is an excellent fashion business idea in 2020. 

  • Go completely natural!

Opt for natural products and outfit components. For example, a little thing, such as the dress button should also be wooden instead of plastic. 

Thus, sustainable fashion is a necessity that the fashion styles industry has to adopt right now and start planning. Once this global pandemic is over, the fashion domain will be booming on this business model. 

Be their goals!


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