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Sunny, you’re more than just Baby Doll!

by Kritika Kanodia

You are not a stranger to attention. You have been the talk of the town on several occasions, be it because of your charity work, Bollywood appearances, or the past that you have left behind so gracefully. So, all I want to remind you today is that you are more than just Baby Doll. I say this because I have not seen you portray any strong role yet. I understand that you accept work that comes along your way, but you also need to create opportunities for yourself. Why is that missing? Why do I always read news about Sunny and not Karenjit Kaur Vohra? 

I admire the positivity with which you have accepted life and adjusted to every twist and turn. It is not easy to move away from everything you know and follow your passion. You define strength and courage. Yes, you also inspire millions of ladies across the globe. No one ever said that every decision you make would be the right one, but sticking to your choices and being self-reliant is the key to success. We have all once been young and made foolish choices. But does that mean that you regret life? Not at all! It’s fantastic how you are incredibly proud of your individuality and where you are today. You are the sole reason why you have achieved what you have today. 

Recently, you celebrated your birthday, and fans from everywhere poured in love. Like every other celebrity, you used your social media handle to thank your supporters. But what caught my attention, in particular, were the comments on your Instagram post. While some of them appreciated you, several also targeted your body and objectified you left, right, and center. It must always be challenging to maintain that pretty smile and an optimistic attitude. You are such a charmer! I bet you light up the Splitsvilla sets with your cute acts, sweet gestures, and happy-go-lucky vibe. 

You are a doting mother to Nisha, Asher, and Noah. I genuinely wonder how you manage everything. Moreover, you restore my faith in love when I see Daniel and you. It’s right that you meet people in unexpected ways, and you never know what’s going to happen next. I strongly urge you to continue spending time with your family and ensure that the little ones grow up to be as brave as you. 

But there’s another thing I want to discuss- why are you not putting more efforts in more substantial roles or onscreen portrayal? I am tired of seeing you perform on item songs that have the typical Bollywood masala. No doubt, you look great and have some great dance moves, but till when do you plan to sustain this? If you feel that you have the talent of acting, then please venture out. If you lack the skill, then why not try your hand at something else? The glamorous world may be at your feet right now, but I hope you realize that it is short-lived. And you will be forgotten if you continue on this path- barring the ogling men. 

Some acting classes would also help you a lot. Yeah, I have seen your work and feel there’s scope for massive improvement, right from your Hindi pronunciation to body language. You can also use your social media handles in multiple creative ways. Look around and hire a new PR team and manager, if needed. Presently, you’re wasting yourself, and it irks me because, as I had started, I truly admire you. You can rule it, lady! 

Be their goals!


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