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Ranbir, I know your superpower!

by Kritika Kanodia

The recent months or even years have not been easy on you. This is not only regarding your work or personal life but everything in general. Right from your father’s treatment to movie releases, award shows to building a relationship, learning, and then failing and finally learning a little more- you’ve been through a lot. But hey, this is not a letter to sympathize with you. I don’t think you need my sympathies because you are strong enough on your own. I am here to extend my greeting and congratulate you on your commendable personality. 

Just like most other Bollywood actors, you, too, have had a life full of controversies. Being a part of the Kapoor khandaan came with its own set of pressure and challenges that most of us outsiders are unaware of. The problem may not have been from your family’s side but media and public reception. Yet, you have always held your head high, no matter what. As humans, it is our nature to make mistakes, but this is where you won hearts because you also dared to accept it. That is the true mark of a refined upbringing and individuality. 

I may not be a big fan of you, but there is no doubt that you are one of the finest actors we have in the Bollywood family right now. Right from your first movie, you have shown versatility, and with all-rounders such as Rockstar, Tamasha, and Sanju in your kitty, you have a long way to go. It’s great how you have prioritized scripts over commercial gains, and every scene you portray speaks a ton. In fact, this is the reason why you have climbed the ladder of success and reached where you are today. 

You have been a doting son and an amazing friend. Though I do not know you personally and know snippets of your life that you or your family members have shared on screen and social media, I truly believe that you love your family. Family is a priority at all times, and you prove how you would go to any extent to be with them. Losing a family member is never easy. I understand that because I lost someone very early too. So I completely get how frustrating it can get when people start recognizing you because of that one incident and keep bringing it up. But that’s how life works- it will be the topic of discussion for some time, and later, it will stop affecting you as it does at the moment. It will grow on you. 

You must be wondering what is the superpower that I was talking about in the title. Well, this is it. Your superpower is courage. I have always thought that you are an extremely confident person who knows when to speak and what to say. Right from your interviews to public appearances, your poise and charm have always spoken highly of your manners and life lessons. And trust me, your parents get the credit. 

There have been times when the world around you was falling apart with all the negativity and nasty comments, but you stood firm and took it in your stride. I commend you because you accept yourself the way you are and accept every situation gracefully. Though I can ramble on for 18 pages (front and back)- don’t tell me you haven’t watched Friends- it’s time to wrap up this heartfelt letter. Keep inspiring others because everyone needs such positivity in the present-day world. Though I always say this, I am assured that it is true for you, 

Be their goals!


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