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Megan Fox: The ultimate Vintage Lookbook

by Nandini Daga
Megan Fox

Fresh Florals

Megan Fox is gorgeous and she knows that herself. Anything she wears, she is going to look amazing but there is something about floral print that she loves. She has been spotted wearing floral prints many times, but this dress definitely sticks out. This gorgeous Roberto Cavalli outfit is fully embellished and hugs her body like a dream. Her neutral makeup and loose hair adds that hint of freshness that completes the look in the best way possible. A definite win in her fashion lookbook

Vivacious Vintage

Megan Fox’s early 90’s and vintage outfits will always have a special place in our hearts. She is still the Queen of casual outfits as she pulls them off like nobody else. Like here, she is wearing these low rise jeans which were very popular in the early 90’s with a graphic t-shirt. It is the most basic outfit yet she makes it so look so glamorous. She completed the look with a pair of glasses which gives her a more cuter look. How does she make the paparazzi photos look like a photoshoot? Read more about Retro fashion here.

She is a “Star” after all

Megan Fox’s style is a great blend of classic yet experimental. This fashion lookbook would not be completed without mentioning this cute outfit. She is seen weaning a solid white t-shirt with these amazing star pants that fit the t-shirt just right. She also paired this hat along the outfit which gives it a very beachy look. And let’s not forget that adorable bad. She kept her hair and makeup simple with minimal jewelry. Fabulous. 

Black is the Saviour

Megan Fox’s style and outfit choices have changed for sure but one thing that remains common throughout is the colour Black. She goes by the saying, When in doubt, wear black. Like here she is wearing this amazing boss lady black outfit that fits her body like a glove. Her ombre hair and a berry lip just complements the look so well. She knows she is powerful and she owns it which we can see in her fashion lookbook. Read about the earrings one can pair with an outfit like this.

Knitted and Knee-High

This “New Girl” is definitely not new to the fashion game. She has been in it forever and has slayed time and again. If Megan Fox’s this look wouldn’t have made it to her fashion lookbook, it would’ve been injustice. This casual outfit screams fashion, quite literally. She wore a thin knit sweater with a pair of black shorts. Seems basic right, but her little fashion touch turned this vintage outfit in a masterpiece. Black Knee-High socks and those boots go so well together. She looks absolutely charming as per usual. How she does that is still a mystery. 

This was our list of Megan Fox’s ultimate fashion lookbook. From casual outfits to glamorous one, from cute outfits to fashionable one, she has done it all and she has slayed each of them. Tell us which Megan Fox’s vintage outfit was your favourite in the comments section below. 

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