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Kendall Jenner Styling Tips| Calvin Klein Edition

by Raspreet kaur
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Calvin Klein’s latest campaigns include well-known stars like singers SZA, Justin Bieber, Asap rocky, actor Noah Centineo and supermodels like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner. Kendall regularly posts pictures from her latest CK campaign on her social media accounts, and the Internet goes crazy over it, every time. She has been a part of many iconic Calvin Klein campaigns because of her effortless style and beauty. She was chosen for these campaigns by Calvin Klein US for being unapologetically herself. Kendall Jenner’s bold confidence and impeccable taste in fashion is what makes her unique and is clearly shown in the campaign pictures. Here are some over the years Kendall Calvin Klein campaign and some behind the scenes styling tips for you.

CK50 Capsule 

In honor of celebrating 50 years of their existence, Calvin Klein launched a new collection called CK50 capsule and was available for a limited time only. The brand launched dresses, underwear, sweatpants, sweatshirts, crop tops, etc., in a repetitive monogram logo print. Kendall is posing in comfortable matching black legging and crop top for this campaign. Some styling tips for this outfit are- you can pair it with chunky sneakers and accessorize it with a crossbody bag. You can add long plain overcoats for extra warmth during the winter season.

Get in Christmas Spirits with Calvin Klein

Kendall gives us some major styling tips to make our Christmas slumber party outfits stylish and comfortable. Kendall is wearing a red Calvin Klein US sports bra and paired it up with cozy red checks sweatpants. The outfit is ideal for a fun pajama party with your friends. The color red makes this cozy-looking outfit, fit for Christmas wear. Joggers and sports bras are the new trending and effortlessly fashionable ensemble. You can wear a jacket or a plain cropped hoodie with this look. You can either go for the extra look and wear calf boots or go for the subtle comfortable look and wear sneakers with this outfit. Here are some  trending sneakers in 2020 for your outfits 

Our Now’ Calvin Klein Jeans

‘Our Now’ was the name of Calvin Klein’s February 2019 campaign that called out famous celebrities to celebrate living in the moment and also gave some styling tips to style our regular denim outfits. The model is posing in high waisted Kendall Calvin Klein jeans with a plain Bralette. Moreover, these light washed pairs of jeans are a must buy to make your everyday denim clothing sophisticated and roguish. Pair these high-waisted jeans with crop tops, cropped hoodies, and lace bodysuits for a trending summer outfit.

All Calvin Klein ensemble

For the same ‘Our Now’ campaign, supermodel Kendall Jenner is posing in an all Calvin Klein outfit. In an interview, she gives us some styling tips to make our denim outfits trendy. Kendall wears a lot of denim on a regular basis and thus is always looking for comfortable fitting denim. When it comes to shorts, she prefers loose and baggy fitting shorts, like the one she wore for the shoot. She styled this look with a white Calvin Klein T-shirt and brown CK leather belt. You can recreate this look for a summer brunch day. Furthermore, accessorize this look with knee-high boots or sneakers, a designer shoulder backpack, and a pair of dark sunglasses. Click here to know more about accessorizing handbags with your daily ensemble. 

These were unquestionably some of the most popular Kendall Jenners’ CK campaign photoshoots and a few styling tips for a complete makeover look. Let me know your thoughts on your to-date favorite Calvin Klein campaigns and about your favorite Calvin Klein celebrity ambassadors in the comment section.

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