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Kangana, you will excel at the gibberish challenge!

by Kritika Kanodia

So, finally, I get a chance to speak my heart out on you- the apparent “Queen” of Bollywood. But no, just starring in a movie named Queen does not make you one- literally, every desi girl would be gudiya and pari if we follow that logic. Most of the viewers had such expectations from you when they first saw Gangster, that released on 28th April 2006. You’ve completed 14 years, and it’s been going rapidly downhill ever since. If you read this, I know you’re going to be furious (then pretend to be calm and come back with hurling comments on me and my life- you know nothing else), so I’m just gonna lay it out for you on the dinner table. 

Several young ladies consider you an ideal. They look up to you for inspiration on how to succeed in a stressful industry like Bollywood. But what have you taught them so far? To pretend that you own the success when you clearly gained the limelight by demeaning a supposed ex on national television and argued to no ends with other celebrities. So, does that not show that you are nothing on your own but simply ride high on controversy? And, not to forget your sister, Rangoli. Indeed, it’s funny how her personality changes colors. 

Both of you keep ranting about nepotism, but have you, for a moment, considered those who are still making a big name in the industry without playing the victim card each time? I loved you in Queen– your voice, the on-point acting, your expressions- everything! But what happened after that? Did the public applause get to your head? You claim to be a voice for the masses since “celebrities have a social responsibility.” Then why do you keep spreading such negativity? Undoubtedly, as the letter’s title says, you will excel at the gibberish challenge because you have been practicing for years now. 

Please understand that you are just a part of the Bollywood fraternity, but not the entire team. And you will never be! Why do you end up having issues with actors when the movie does not do well? You belittled Shahid when Rangoon failed at the box office, and then Sonu Sood quit because you took the Manikarnika reigns a little too tightly. No- not all of them can be wrong. There has gotten to be something with you. 

The truth is that you cannot see anyone else succeed. You want to be part of their success, so you try to steal their limelight by spreading rumors about them and trying to pick up a fight with them. Moreover, when they refuse to acknowledge you (since they know you are the little kid who cries and rolls on the shop floor for the teddy- and should be ignored), it irks you even more, and you slam them for keeping shut. So, what else do you expect- should all of them join your senseless banter and stoop down to your level? 

Also, no, people do not hate you or pick on you because you are “successful,” have an accent, come from a non-film background, or anything. Haters hate you because of the words you use and the venom you spew all the time. I don’t know if you realize this, but it is terrible for your mental health. You’ve grown into one of the most toxic Bollywood celebrities of all time. Give your mind a break and stop thinking of these skimpy plans with your sister. 

I always say this, but it can never be right for you, 

Be their goals! (No, Kangana. You missed this Limo long back)


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