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Harry Styles X Gucci: The Ultimate Duo We All Love

by Raspreet kaur
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Harry Styles is known for his risky fashion style apart from his extremely good looks and music of course. From wearing skinny jeans at his one direction’s concerts to wearing double-breasted suits, Harry styles Gucci aesthetic has redefined men’s fashion. His most stunning looks consist of him wearing Gucci clothes and accessories. He is good friends with Alessandro Michele, the creative head of Gucci, and has rightfully earned to be the face of multiple Gucci campaigns. Here are 5 times Harry styles proved to us why he is the Gucci king.

True Englishman

Harry styles dressed up in this crisp brown suit for the 2020 brit awards. This suit was introduced in Gucci’s fashion show at Milan Fashion Week. Harry has not failed to add his personal touch to this overall ensemble by pairing the suit with a sweater vest look. The single-layered pearl chain, which seems to be his signature accessory for this year, has also made an appearance in this outfit. By keeping it classic, he sure is giving us dreamy British vibes.

Patterns and colors

Harry styles has time and again proved to us that he’s not afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion. How many men do you know that can pull off a classic raven black Gucci tailored suit? Many. Nevertheless, how many men do you who can pull off a loud, patterned Gucci suit? Just one, and that’s the one and only, Harry styles. He has given the suit an edge by wearing a bow printed blouse beneath. He wore this red hot number at the heart Radio music festival in Las Vegas.


If you know him or have seen his interview, you would know that Harry Styles religiously believes in self-love and treating people with kindness. Furthermore, his recent album also has a track called ‘treat people with kindness.’ Naturally, his recent merch will also be promoting the same. Harry has paired up his merch t-shirt with high-waisted pants and a cropped jacket. The self-love t-shirt is another remarkable product of Harry Styles Gucci collaboration. The t-shirt was designed by his great friend and Gucci’s extraordinary fashion designer, Alessandro Michele.

On the steps of Met Gala

It is not a surprise that with his exquisite taste in fashion, Harry Styles has accomplished to be the youngest co-chair in the history of Met Gala. Furthermore, Harry styles Met gala look proved why he’s so deserving of this title. For his look, the Sign of the Times singer wore a Gucci sheer lacy blouse that showed off his tattoos and paired it up with Gucci high waisted trousers. Harry Styles Met gala look cannot be completed with accessories. So he opted for Gucci pearl earrings and chunky rings.

The King of Gucci gang

Gucci has always pushed boundaries with its innovative designs and similarly, so has Harry Styles. With this unique embroidered suit, Harry styles showed us why Gucci and embroidery are the hottest design combination in town. The design is classy yet trendy. He wore this look at Sirus XM in Los Angeles, California. The lighter inner tone formal shirt is ideally contrasting with the suit, which makes it look sophisticated. No matter what Gucci apparel Harry styles wears, he will still be the King of Gucci Gang.

The one thing harder than listening to Falling and not crying was picking out these 5 Harry Styles Gucci looks. Harry has been the face of three Gucci campaigns now. Moreover, by the looks of it, his secret love affair with Gucci is not going to end anytime soon. 

Treat people with kindness- H. 

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