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Fashion on the beach- Who is my favorite?

by Kritika Kanodia

Though it’s a national lockdown owing to the present coronavirus pandemic, it does not mean that I do not have the right to miss the beach. The waves, the sandy grains on my hair, the clear splashes, and fashion- everything about the beach is just as thrilling. So, I thought it’ll be a good idea to delve into Bebo’s wardrobe and take a leaf from the style diva’s book. Continue reading ahead as we decode her beach chic attire in this section and find beach outfits for women India.

A quirky hairband can instantly transform your beach look. 

Wondering how to look cute at the beach? Kareen Kapoor Khan kept us hooked to our phone screens with her lovely vibrant hair bands. Breaking a common stereotype that hair bands are not meant for older women, she has ensured to look stunning each time. You, too, can explore several options online at affordable rates. Though Kareena’s picture in yellow went viral, you can match your hairband with your swimsuit. If you are planning a girls’ trip post this COVID-19 chaos, then you must keep this lookbook handy. 


Never say no to a kaftan!

Kaftan is undoubtedly your best companion when you hit the beach. It is super comfortable and available in a range of sizes. So, even if you are not size zero like Kareena, you do not have anything to worry about. While Kareena has several kaftans, I particularly love the one in grey. Moreover, stripes never go out fashion so you can style the same kaftan in multiple ways. If you want, you can also invest in a similar print scarf or something contrasting to complete the look. Here, I give 50 extra points to Kareena for going low on the accessories- it’s a beach day wear for a vacay and not a wedding! 


What’s a beach vacay without sunglasses?

Can you imagine a day at the beach without sunglasses? No, I do not think so! So, how about learning from the style queen herself? Calling out to all the “main apni favorite hoon” gang members, explore from a range of quirky sunglasses. You can buy the big chunky ones or go for a slick cat-eye style, depending on your face structure. Lennon glasses have also witnessed a considerable number of takers each year. Get experimenting with different colors if you are the daring fashionista of the group! 


How about neon swimwear?

Yes, I love the beach! That’s where you bring out gorgeous bikini sets. You work hard all year and slog it off in the gym for this day- the bikini celebration day! So, how about picking something different from the rest? Since the beach has a very summery vibe, You should select bright colors such as neon pink, green, or orange. You can also explore from a collection of printed bikini sets that give you the right floral and tropical vibes. If you want an Insta-worthy shot of beach outfits pinterest, just let the sun work its wonder! Kareena is one of the hottest celebs in bikinis.


White remains an all-time favorite. 

Last but not least, white remains at the top of the priority list. Explore dresses for the beach! Have you wondered why it is so? Because you can try as many combinations as you want. You are free to mix and match colors. Since a beach vacation is anyway meant for you to chill to glory, sip on fresh coconuts, and destress from the city’s monotonous office-home schedule, you are independent to wear whatever you want- the crazier, the better! Get those beach bods ready and get posting with #ethnicwestern for beach fashion 2020. 


This is all for today’s session on our fave celeb’s beach look and beach outfit ideas. See you again when you come back for more! 

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