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Emily Ratajkowki’s Guide to Street Style Fashion

by Nandini Daga

There are a few celebrities that can never go wrong when it comes to fashion. Emily Ratajkowski is definitely one of them. This “Gone Girl” actress is a definite stunner and it reflects in the way she dresses up. She never looks out of place. She always looks perfect and chooses the clothes that suit her personality and her style. Like her film “I look Pretty”, she definitely always goes by that motto, she always looks pretty. Be it owning the red carpet with her jaw-dropping outfits or her street style outfits, she does it all and she does it the best. Here is a guide of her street style that proves why she is such a fashion icon

It might “Slip” Away

Starting off this fashion lookbook with this incredible slip dress. Who said you can wear slip dresses on a daily. Emily proves that slip dresses can look cool and sexy at the same time. No wonder she is the street style fashion icon. She wore this gorgeous bright yellow slip dress and teamed it up with white sneakers. A perfect balance of sexy and chic. She kept the look minimal with black shades and a long necklace. She looks absolutely beautiful. She looks like a ray of sunshine on a dull rainy day.

Comfortable Co-Ords 

Co-Ords have now officially become a go-to option for many people because you don’t have to look for anything to match it with. They come in a set and look amazing. Emily can never be behind when it comes to following the latest fashion trends. She is a fashion icon after all. Here she is seen wearing this pretty orange co-ord set which consists of a halter top and a pair of well-fitted pants. She has gone with this bright yellow bag that perfectly breaks the monochrome outfit. Lastly, she wore hoops and kept her hair nice and loose. Her fashion sense is impeccable. Check out some of the best co-ords sets here.

Hipster Chic

Emily has done it all. Classic to elegant, experimental to now hipster, this lady has served us all her looks and the result has been delicious. Here, she has gone for an oversized crop top with rolled-up sleeves and paired it up with khaki checkered pants. She also went ahead and added a belt to make it look a little more put-together. A watch in her wrist and a pair of sunglasses to cover her eyes, this woman killed it again in terms of fashion. Her looks and outfits prove time and again why she is such a fashion icon

Why not White?

Most people choose black as a base color when they go for a monochromatic look as it is safe and you can literally never go wrong with black. But Emily, being the fashion icon that she is, went with a white monochrome outfit and nailed it. She went with this white crop top that hugs her body perfectly and a pair of white pants. She completed the loom with a pair of white sneakers. Her makeup is subtle with a ton of mascara and some rosy cheeks. Maybe it is too white for some people, but for Emily it is fashion and we agree with her. When you can slay it, why think twice about it. Read more from our celeb watchlist here.

Boss-Lady Vibes

When most people go for simple and comfortable clothes while walking on the streets, Emily ditches those for wearing the most amazing and fashionable outfits. We bow down to the street style fashion icon. Here, she is spotted wearing this stunning navy blue blazer dress that fits her body like a glove with the same colored bag. This time she added more jewelry and went all out and boy does she look incredible. Her hair was kept straight and she completed the look with tons of confidence. Her fashion sense is just like her, unique, quirky, and fabulous. 

Emily Ratajkowki is the Queen of street style and she walks as if she is walking on the runway. Be it her fashion choices or her style, she owns them to perfection. No wonder she is termed as the fashion icon. This was our list to guide you about Emily’s street style fashion. Tell us which was your favourite look in the comments section below.

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