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Deepika, please get over it already!

by Kritika Kanodia

Deepika, please get over it already!

Before you jump to any conclusions right at the beginning, let’s start with a formal introduction. Hey, Deepika. I’m another spectator who follows you on Instagram and watches most of your movies and interviews, based on the subject. Coming from such a reputed family, you have never left any stone unturned to maintain your class and poise. I have never seen you lose your cool or misbehave with any being, at least in front of the cameras. I admire you for your patience and will to be happy. 

Being the media’s favorite child, the news channels and gossip pages have never missed an opportunity to twist incidents and present them with garnishing. You inspire millions of young ladies to hold their ground and face the world with courage. But, lately, your interviews, movies, and pictures all look so OTT. Now, it’s good to be OTT because it’s a part of individuality. But, you have somehow gotten inclined to cling to what’s already gone by. This is not a reference to your past relationships and breakups- trust me, the viewers are more bored with that than you are. 

I am talking about clinging to the past in a broader sense- your dress sense, your movies, your social media. They all feel dragged and just sequels to what you have already done. Getting married is a significant change in everyone’s lives, and you are no different. My Instagram ‘explore’ has such adorable moments between you and your husband. But, as you may have heard, excess of anything is bad. That’s precisely how most readers now feel about all the PDA. Every couple has their way of showering love and showing it to each other. Then why does your act feel more like it is for the masses? 

You were excellent in movies like Pika, Tamasha, Love Aaj Kal, and even your debut film Om Shanti Om. Then why are you now stuck to period dramas? Yes, you outshone everyone in Bajirao Mastani and I still cannot get over your radiance in Mohe Rang Do Lal but what after that? With another controversial name in your kitty, you opted for Chhapaak because you genuinely felt for the subject. Yet, the film defeated its purpose when it focused that the acid attack victim’s end goal was to find love. Why not delve deeper into the subject? 

I understand that as a human, you have your own set of opinions and thoughts. However, when you carry the tag of being a celebrity, everything you do is being watched and monitored. Blame it on our society or the media, it is what it is. Then what on the planet made you think that going to a protest ground is a good idea? Let alone your film, it was dangerous for your security and safety. What you thought was an act of extending solidarity could have ended in something, much worse than audience revolt. 

You strive hard daily to achieve new heights of success and show yourself what you are capable of doing. But sadly, it is not transferring to your supporters right now. Call us needy or never satisfied, we want to see you push your boundaries a little more and return on the screen as a strong individual lady. We don’t want you to restrict yourself to movies with your husband- please take a cue from other successful ladies you know. The average reader and viewer is not interested in knowing your net worth, outfit details, or ad campaigns in your account- we yearn to see you acting in different roles. 

Be their goals!


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