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Celebrity style Instagram accounts- Who did it better?

by Kritika Kanodia

So, this space is primarily dedicated to deciding who did it better on their Instagram profiles. However, the immediate lock down has locked all of us home. While most people are busy posting about their newfound cooking skills and home-cleaning videos, the fashionistas are still keeping us hooked with creative look books. Let’s find out who won our hearts this time- Ananya Pandey or Komal Pandey? Oh, I just realised they share the same surname. *patting my back for that*

Using Instagram for the right thing- to get social.

Being public figures, both of them have a social responsibility. Here, the clear winner is Ananya Pandey who has used her social media handle to spread awareness about the need of the hour- social distancing. However, Komal Pandey, remaining true to her profession, has been posting endless fashion tips and DIYs. But does that make Ananya any less of a fashionista? Hell, no! Instead, her PR team has worked well and made her look gorgeous. Clearly, it gets my attention, and everyone else’s too. Kudos! 


Keeping fashion enthusiasts updated about the latest trends.

Fashion can be a tricky domain. You never know what might and what might not work well with the masses. Though we’re all quarantined presently, some of us (read-me) has been getting all dressed up at home daily- to walk to the living-room and back. Yes, it sounds crazy, but we need to feel good in this challenging phase. Komal Pandey, one of the top fashion Instagram influences, has won this bet with stunning style tips on how to drape sarees, how to wear puff sleeves, ways to style joggers, makeup tutorials, and more. We appreciate the effort she’s putting in daily to keep her fans on the same page (quite literally)! 

Top fashion Instagram influences

Viewers relate to who looks more natural.

The key to grabbing attention on Instagram is to post what people can relate to. While Komal has all fancy posts for us, Ananya teaches us the art of simplicity. Right from no-makeup images to taking us to the mountains on a throwback picture, Ananya has managed to hit the right strings in our hearts. She also posted some cute, funky snaps from her video chat sesh. Yes, we feel you, Ananya- we’re in the same boat!

She is more active!

Komal Pandey is way more active on her social media handle. Though her overdone makeup and flat hair may not work well with me each time, I have come to realise that I genuinely appreciate her work. Though her styles are mostly focused on runway trends and sometimes would look bizarre on a casual day, that’s the entire point of fashion bloggers on Instagram– to look different from the rest. Right from creating Face Time date looks to keeping her viewers engaged with open challenges, she’s been at it all day. The celebrity clothes finder can help you ahead.

Fashion bloggers on Instagram

Content is king. 

Last but not least, content is king. Being a fashion and style blogger myself, and writing everyday fashion blogs, I cast my vote in favor of Komal because of her consistency. I award her the best fashion Instagram 2020. She has been diverse with her content, whereas I see a lacking effort from Ananya’s end. Though I adore her online vibe and presence, I feel her style quotient can still go up. Come on, it’s not like actors solely wear sponsored outfits and have nothing good at home. Or is it so?

Everyday fashion blogs

It would be fun to read your take on the comparison of the best street style of Instagram. Time for you to be the budget fashionista. Anyone else you want me to review, or should I keep rambling alone? See you soon! 

Be their goals!


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