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Ashley Benson: Fashion tips, Trending Clothes, and More

by Surbhi gupta

Fashion tips from your stylish Pretty Little Liars! Hannah might be overdressed or a little too much for her taste, Benson admits in an interview that her IRL style is more like Emily Fields ( played by Shay Mitchell ). She likes to be in the top fashion game and never shies from wearing trending clothes. I’ve collected her advice aka fashion tips for all of you who are watching her ace celebrity street style. 

It isn’t Red It’s Black Carpet

If you track Benson’s red carpet appearances you’ll notice she wears a lot of blacks. This is because she believes ( which is definitely true ) that black outfits are the answer to all confusions, and they rock. All trending clothing lines always have black. They are very comfortable, you can dress it up, or dress it down. I’m with Ashley on this, black is awesome and I’m not drawn to a lot of colors too. Some of her dreamy red carpet looks have been in dramatically different yet all-black outfits which is a really nice fashion tip on how to style differently.

Chop-chop Change

The Pixels’ actress loves to keep changing her hair. She thinks different moods, phases, and styles require different hair. She has gone pink, she has become a long brunette, she has had her blonde beach waves, and currently, she’s rocking the bob. Just like her trending clothes, her hairstyle changes trends as well. She advises not to blow/air dry your hair a lot as it might cause major hair frizz. Furthermore, she goes the natural DIY way- braiding her wet hair to get those traditional PLL Hannah waves.

Benson style

At heart, this girl is a true New Yorker. On multiple occasions, she has admitted to being more NY style while still living in LA. You will often see her wearing her usual leather moto jacket, regular jeans, and shades. She wears way too many black outfits and might have a closet full of black leather jackets. Ashley Benson loves to wear her usual Converse or Nike shoes and says comfort in fashion. And only that sells, trending clothes should all be black and comfortable. That is dope and sexy style. 

Keep a bronzer handy

One thing I’ve always wanted to know about Ashley Benson is, how does she glow? Like all the time? What kind of fairy dust does she use really man! Benson says a bronzer is the secret behind her shine. She uses NARS and Too Face products as they come in chocolate flavor, and anything she can eat can definitely go on her face. Amen to that sister!

She also believes just like clothes trend and you pick some that stick with you forever, you should have good products and skin regime. 

Inspiring Fashion for Women

Ashley Benson is a strong, independent, and gorgeous woman who not only inspires a lot of trending clothes and fashion but also promotes her peers with iconic fashion sense. Anyone who has stalked her on Instagram for 5 minutes knows how often Ashley posts about other stars having amazing fashion and life choices, they may be wearing black or colorful outfits, and it’s all fiercely beautiful. I think there is no better fashion tip or tip in general, to be inspired from and uplifting your contemporaries. 

Ashley Benson undeniably has a great sense of style, contrary to her belief that she doesn’t have one yet. I’ve learned how to accessorize so much just because of her character Hannah who set dozens of fashion clothes trends. But a black outfit from Ashley’s closet might still be my favorite piece on any given day. Tell me which fashion tip you find most interesting, and tell me more about her in the comments below!

Be their goals!

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