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A Guide To Street Style Fashion: Celebrity Edition

by Esha Saksena
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When it comes to fashion and stealing styles, there is only so much you can take from the runways of Milan or Paris fashion weeks. While the red carpet looks from your favorite celebs make you go on a shopping spree to recreate all those head-turning looks, you can find ideas for wardrobe inspiration from their everyday street style looks. We bring you a list of our favorite celebs to look up to for women’s streetwear style wardrobe-essentials. 

Affordable fashion royally approved

When it comes to finding classy and sophisticated women’s streetwear style, we can simply turn to our favorite royals, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton for inspiration. The best thing about their street style fashion lookbook is that it’s all about basics and also includes some aesthetic outfits at affordable prices from stores like H&M, Zara, Birdies, Everlane, etc. According to their lookbook, the key to having the perfect streetwear style women’s clothing is to accessories the right way. 

Get back to the 90s with Katie Holmes

When it comes to revamping the 90’s fashion trends for today’s street style, no one does it better than Katie Holmes. Her obsession with denim skirts takes us back to the 90s when denim were the show stealers. Known for her role as Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek in the late 90s/early 2000s, Katie Holmes usually sticks to well-tailored basic, aesthetic outfits, live-in-denims. Taking a page from her lookbook, you can look for women’s streetwear style outfits from sustainable denim brands and style them up with Adidas street style shoes and accessories. 

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Nail street style like Reese Witherspoon

When you want to find some women’s streetwear style outfits to brighten up your day, go to Reese Witherspoon for inspiration. The icon suggests coordination of different pieces for a pulled-together look and that’s clearly visible in all her street style ensembles. Right from the bright colored dresses accessorized with a hint of pink, to preferring buttery cream shades for accessories instead of the dark structured satchels, Reese Witherspoon’s aesthetic outfits styles are sure to brighten up your closet. She also ditches the mainstream white tees with denim looks, instead, opts for colorful and floral shirts and tops and bright colored pumps, to go with her denim jeans.

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Chill street style with Sophie Turner

Even though we have so many cool women’s streetwear style outfit inspirations, none of them is Sophie Turner level cool. The Game of Thrones’s star’s red carpet looks are obviously nothing but elegant and stunning, but her casual looks and aesthetic outfits are the ones to take the crown. Straight from the knee-length coats in subtle colors to bold outfits like red pants, Sophie Turner, owns them like a pro. The icon’s street style mostly includes basic outfits like denim shorts, jeans, and plain tees, something we all can copy and add to our lookbook. 

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Steal street style from Zendaya

We are already totally smitten by Zendaya’s red carpet looks but with her amazing and head-turning street style looks, Zendaya sure gives us fresh inspiration for our closets. As with most celebrity lookbooks, Zendaya’s street style also includes a few elements from well-known designers. The overall look, however, is very laid-back and easy. Her basic clothing pieces like button-down shirts, simple tees, slides, and well-tailored blazers are some things we can all add to our closets to recreate her amazing aesthetic outfits.

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Which of these celebrity street style icons is your favourite? Have you tried recreating any of their aesthetic outfits? Tell us all about it in the comment section below. 

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Be their goals!

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