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8 lessons we learnt from Ashley Graham on body positivity

by Esha Saksena

Through the centuries, there have been so many notions of beauty in different cultures. While most of them vary from culture to culture, the idea that women should be lean is common to most. Until a few years ago, size zero was the beauty standard for models. The fashion shows from elite designers featured size zero models for their women’s fashion line. In 2016, Ashley Graham had her historic moment when she was featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, as she was the first plus-size model to be featured. 

Beauty standards and women’s fashion

Just a century ago, corsets and girdles were an integral part of women’s fashion. In fact in some societies, the beauty of a lady was determined by the size of her waist. Girls were forced to wear corsets to fit into that extreme body standard from a very young age. Even now models and celebs follow extreme diet regimes and workout routines to maintain their zero size figure. Ashley Graham, on the other hand, discourages these extreme beauty standards and motivates women to embrace who they are. In her words, “Plus-size? More like my size.” With her active body positivity campaigns like #iamsizesexy and #plusisequal, she has become the new face of plus size fashion. Read ahead to know about 8 lessons on body positivity that we can learn from her. 

Body positivity and Ashley Graham


One of the most prominent messages that Ashley Graham seems to propagate through her lessons on body positivity is that your size doesn’t define your beauty. She aims to discourage the extreme beauty standards where zero sizes are the ideal body type, instead, with her #plusisequal campaign, the supermodel spreads the message that plus-size is as beautiful as any other body type and plus-size fashion is equally significant. 

Strong, not skinny is the new sexy

While the supermodel is practically the face of plus size fashion, she doesn’t in any way mean that women should just let their body be. She believes that curvy is the new sexy. With her collaboration with the Curvy Fit Club, the supermodel encourages women to stay fit without taking extreme measures to change their natural body shape. She advocates the idea of having a healthy body, not a standard body size. 

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Size sexy 

Ashley Graham rejects the idea of plus size fashion as a different fashion entity, instead, she prefers to call herself size sexy. The idea that it isn’t just the skinny sizes which are sexy is her main lesson on body positivity. She encourages women to embrace their natural self and understand that sexy or beautiful isn’t defined by their body size. 

Natural and humble

The supermodel not only talks about natural beauty and lessons on body positivity but also defies the norms of women’s fashion standards. Ashley Graham goes for the no filter looks in her photographs and even publicly appreciates the brands which do not touch-up her photos digitally. Furthermore, she has openly shared selfies with no make-up or filters several times. 

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Foodie at heart

Ashley Graham is a foodie and she loves it! While most models and celebrities stick to strict diets to keep themselves in shapes, our plus-size fashion icon likes to enjoy good food without being conscious of her body. 

Embraced her changed body during pregnancy 

If her iconic bold looks weren’t enough to convince you that she is the face of plus-size fashion, the supermodel turned heads with her bold pregnancy outfits. Furthermore, Ashley Graham also shared the photos of her stretch marks during pregnancy. With her bold pregnancy outfits and openly sharing her pregnancy details, the supermodel shared yet another lesson on body positivity.  

Collaborations with size-inclusive brands

Ashley Graham follows what she believes in. She openly endorses brands that are size-inclusive. She has even collaborated with brands like Dressbarn, Addition Elle and Swimsuits for All to create stylish plus-size fashion clothes. 

Changing the face of lingerie 

Ashley Graham is not only the body positivity icon and the face of plus-size fashion but also emerging as the new face of lingerie. The supermodel revealed that growing up she couldn’t find bras that fit her easily. To solve this problem for teens and young women like herself, she collaborated with Addition Elle to create a sexy lingerie collection line. 

Ashley in a bikini

Ashley Graham unquestionably aims to motivate women across the world to feel confident in their own skin. The best part about the supermodel is that she not only shares lessons on body positivity but also follows what she preaches. 

What are your views on body positivity? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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