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6 times Taylor Swift rocked the Iconic Red lipstick look

by Esha Saksena
Taylor Swift's red-lipstick lookbook

Whether its the blood-red shade or the cherry red one, red lipstick is every woman’s go-to color choice to add that glam to their look. The same goes for the fashion icon of women across the world, Taylor Swift. With a soft spot for the bright red lips, the popular singer has been spotted on several occasions nailing that Red lipstick look. Here are 6 times Taylor Swift turned heads with her iconic scarlet lips. 

Rules don’t apply with Red

Taking a leaf from the singer’s fashion lookbook, red lips can be paired with any color. When it comes to clashing colors, rules don’t apply to Taylor Swift and her red lips. In her Grammy Awards 2016 look, yes the one with the two-piece, color-blocked look with pink and orange, she rocked the red carpet with her scarlet lips. Even with the colors pink and orange, a combination that would have looked horribly out of place with red, she looked flawless with her signature lip shade. 

There is nothing called “too much Red”

While most of us think twice before going with the all-red look, Taylor Swift has proven time and again that there is nothing like “too much Red”. Taking styling tips from the iconic singer, you can be sure to never go wrong with the red on the red look. Be it a short red dress paired with pumps or the flowy gowns with elegant hair updos, she has nailed her signature red on red look on the red carpet numerous times. Going far back to the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, to the recent CMA Awards, the one look constant from her list of fashion trends is red on red. Furthermore, you can also read more about her red carpet looks here.

Bringing back the retro with Red

One of the best things about the 1950’s fashion trends is what is commonly called the Retro style, and Taylor Swift sure knows how to own it. While her wardrobe choices and hairdo do play the main role in determining if she dresses up or down, it is her signature red lips that add the final touch of glam to take you back to the 1950s. On or off the red carpet, the singer sure turns every head along her way with her retro red ensembles. Moreover, you can create your own casual retro outfits for 2020 with these sneakers.

50 shades of Red

While Taylor Swift fans may disagree on the choice of their favorite songs from her albums, the one thing all of them unite on is that she is the queen of 50 shades of red. Often spotted playing with the pinky, orangey, darker and lighter shades of red, we all know that she does justice to all of them. While the hot, cherry red, seems to be the shade she swears by, she also matches her vibes with the various shades of red. 

Bling, Red and Taylor Swift

We do know Taylor Swift and red lips are the iconic duo, but the singer’s outfit lookbook also has an even better combination of Bling and Red. The singer has caused a sensation several times on the red carpet with the perfect amount of bling in her dresses and the right red lipstick to grace her smile. 

Go casual with Red

Red lipstick looks are generally very bold and glamorous, but as I already said, rules don’t apply Taylor Swift wears red. The singer effortlessly goes casual with the rich, bold red color, a feat only she can manage. 

Which Red lipstick look by Taylor Swift did you find the most appealing? Tried recreating any of her looks? Tell us about your Taylor Swift fangirl moments in the comment section. 

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