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Fashion Lookbook inspired by Lisa Kudrow

by Esha Saksena
Lisa Kudrow

The one thing that most Friends fans would agree with is that Lisa Kudrow wore the quirkiest outfits on the show and still managed to slay. I mean, let’s be honest, who other than Lisa herself could have managed to wear a furry orange pea coat and still look amazing. While her reel life outfits from Friends were quite eccentric, in real life, the actress often wears classy and elegant clothes. As the actress celebrated her 57th birthday yesterday, we bring you styling tips from her closet. 


Famous for her eccentric outfits from her role as Phoebe Buffay in the popular sitcom Friends, in real life, the actress has been seen wearing pants and suits on numerous occasions. “When I have to ‘appear’ somewhere, I’m more comfortable wearing pants or a suit,” she said in an interview. Her menswear-inspired looks from her fashion lookbook are a great inspiration for every fashion enthusiast looking to add formal wear outfits to their closet. Blazers from Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney are the actress’s personal favorite for red carpet events. The actress has also worn jumpsuits on several occasions. 

Layers, layers and more layers

Lise Kudrow is a fan of layers. The paparazzi have often spotted this actress sporting multiple layered looks several times. In the famous sitcom, Friends, as Phoebe Buffay, she sported layered outfits with various accessories in several Friends episodes. If you also prefer layering clothes like Lisa Kudrow, you can get several styling tips for layering from her fashion lookbooks.

Queen of Bob cuts

Lisa Kudrow owns the bob cut hairstyle, and she knows it. The actress has styled her bob cut, and mid-length bob cut looks for red carpet events on multiple occasions. In her latest TV show, Space Force, she slayed the bob cut look. While she has been mostly seen sporting bob cut for several red carpet events, for casual looks, she mostly lets her hair down. Mostly seen in bob cut or layered haircuts, the Friends actress is quite versatile with her hairstyles.

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Slaying in dresses

What makes Lisa Kudrow’s style so unique is that she is unapologetically herself. Just like Phoebe Buffay from Friends Netflix, Lisa likes to dress up the way she wants. While her wardrobe is dominated by menswear-inspired pants and suits and clunky shoes, the actress once in a while turns heads along her way with dresses, and heels. For her dressed up looks, the actress goes for minimal looks like a color block, solid-colored dress with nude pumps, LBDs, or full-length dresses. The actress was also spotted in an embroidered dress once in 2017. 


If you have been following Lisa Kudrow’s fashion lookbook, you are already aware that she is the queen of accessories. Bracelets, belts, shrugs, scarves, neckpieces, rings, clutches bags, you can find styling tips for any accessory from the actress’s red carpet and casual outfits ensembles. Something that Lisa Kudrow and her character Phoebe Buffay from Friends have in common is the love for rings and bracelets. Although not as quirky as her character, bracelets and rings are a staple part of the actress’s dressy outfits. If you are someone who likes to bring out their creativity with styling basic outfits with various accessories, Lisa Kudrow’s ensembles are the ones to take inspiration from. 

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Prints, shirts, and skirts

Lisa Kudrow was further spotted wearing printed shirts and flowy skirts, and pants for casual day outs. Another styling look that the actress shares with Phoebe Buffay is her love for prints. The actress even wore printed or color-blocked long skirts with long statement necklaces for one of her looks. For daytime events, the actress is often spotted wearing button-down or printed shirts and tops paired with skinny pants and wedges or pumps.

Which of these Lisa Kudrow looks do you like the most? Share your favorite Lisa Kudrow outfit ensembles in the comment box below. 

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